Richest Horseracing Day in Africa set to thrill thousands

Richest Horseracing Day in Africa set to thrill thousands

The Sun Met celebrated with Mumm has been hailed as “the richest horseracing day in Africa”. It is also the event that the “who’s who” of SA’s social hierarchy regard as one of the most dazzling, not-to-be-missed affairs in their annual social calendar. It’s an event where SA’s most opulent and glamourous of all come together for a display of what can be termed the finest of them all.

The theme this year is “Decades of Glamour”, which means that race-goers, celebrities and designers can be daring with their styles and colours.

This prestigious event’s philosophy of glamour, elegance and victory will be portrayed through expressions of rarity and daring, star-studded designs. Some of the exciting collaborations to expect will be with the amazing KLUK CGDT team and Minnie Dlamini; Warrick Gautier and Jeannie D; and SA Hip Hop Star Da Les who will be working with House of Ole.

In KLUK CGDT’s words: The theme “Decades of glamour” is as much about the “now” as it is the past; it is an accumulative influence of fashion from history with a contemporary silhouette. It is about making a statement, about a sense of occasion and about appropriate dress for the event.

“We love Minnie, she is a strong empowered woman who is classy and elegant and has dared to stand out and make her mark. It is this quality we want to celebrate. KLUK CGDT is all about luxury and exclusivity and unique design and this is why we associate ourselves with Minnie Dlamini,” they are quoted as saying.

From the words of designer Warrick Gautier on dressing the glamourous Jeannie D: “For me it’s all about high voltage sensual couture meets elegance, refinement and beauty. It’s a celebration of art of savoir-faire.”

Ole Ledimo, renowned designer from the House of Olé, believes that creativity is intelligence having fun. In pure celebration of such fine sentiment we can expect to see one of SA’s truest upbeat hip hop stars Da Les in wearable art, the greatest form of fashion rebellion. Expect to see something stand-out and daring.

We also take a look at what local designer Wayne Govender from “The Fashion Company” put together for the day. His designs are cool and classic, which is perfect for the hot weather.

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