Gadget Buddies by Imran Khan

Gadget Buddies by Imran Khan

Gadget Buddies

By Imran Khan

Nintendo Switch

Gaming giant Nintendo have announced that they will be launching a new console this year and it should be available in South Africa during March. Their latest device is called the Nintendo Switch and it’s a device like no other that the company has released to date. It is a modular game system that can play its games connected to any television like a regular console, or as a tablet type device with adaptable controls. The complete gamepad is formed by sliding on the control pads on the side of the screen and the device eventually resembles what we already know as the ‘Wii U’.

Nintendo has also revealed that there will be a host of first party games and third party titles available once the console is launched. Look forward to ‘Super Mario Oddysey’ (No Nintendo console release is ever done without a version of their flagship game), ‘Xenoblade Chronicles 2’ and ‘Splatoon 2’. Something quite new for the company is their online paid subscription service to play online, which will be quite similar to Xbox Live and PS Plus. We also found it quite interesting to hear that the Switch will not be region locked so you can play any game on any device around the world.

Expect the Nintendo Switch to make its way to SA retailer shelves around March 3.

Android Wear 2.0

The Android we have come to know and love will be getting a revision this year says Google, particularly for wearable devices. Android 2.0 will be the next generation of smart watch operating systems. The new system will step away from smart phone dependency, making the watch more free to run apps and connect via Wi-Fi or cellular connection. What this means is that you will be able to download apps straight to your smart watch and have a version of Google Play store on the wearable device.

The most amazing thing that stood out for us was the messaging system that will be written specifically for smart watches. A small screen can be quite daunting to use but handwriting recognition and a ‘QWERTY’ keyboard function will be introduced making messaging a breeze.

The software was delayed for release in 2016 and looks like we will be able to download it to our smart watches and wearable devices in 2017. No exact date has been given by Google.

‘Assassins Creed: The Ezio Collection’

This series of games has been a thriller from the start and ‘The Ezio Collection’ does an incredible job of taking us back to ‘Ezio Auditores’ life story. In the past seven years we have managed to play all the games in the series and while it had its highs and lows, the constant challenging nature of the game kept us wanting more. The sweeping shots of Rome and Constantinople make for beautiful scenery and the lengthy load times have been reduced greatly. The Trilogy really captures what the franchise has created and is well worth playing through, everything from its storytelling to the gorgeously textured cities and crowds. We would recommend this game to any ‘Assassins Creed’ fan.

Get your copy of ‘The Ezio Collection’ this weekend at BT Games for around R665.