The snow is coming down at Trigg Jewellers in Cavendish Square

The snow is coming down at Trigg Jewellers in Cavendish Square


Following in the heritage of the end-of-year holidays and reminiscent of shopfront displays in all the world’s capitals, the snow coming down is a much anticipated annual event at Trigg Jewellers of Cavendish Square. Every year, the store is magically transformed into a winter wonderland where festive wishes do come true.

Says Jeremy Jackson of Trigg Jewellers: “Forty eight years ago Trigg started to became known for their window and shopfront displays. We used to dress the balconies of the Trigg showroom located in the main road in Claremont, long before Cavendish Square existed. Like eyes are considered to be windows to the soul, we’ve always considered our showroom windows as a vital component to showcase our creations to the world. Our travels and training abroad from the High Streets of London to Fifth Avenue New York, has also played an integral part in giving us inspiration that we wanted to bring back to South Africa.”

The shopfront displays are designed by Trigg’s management team in conjunction with their art director, Theresa Styles of creative studio Kha-Ching. According to Jackson, feedback from the public has been fantastic over the years. “Customers have always been very complimentary and our store is often described as something out of a fairy tale. Our window decorations usually go up early December and customers then start asking us when the snow is going to fall. The first flurries usually occur around mid-December – to everyone’s great delight.” He jokingly adds that the snow is imported from Lapland.

Trigg Jewellers promise that customers will be taken on a winter wonderland journey when visiting the store. Jackson adds: “They’ll also be exposed to some of the most beautiful hand crafted creations specially designed and manufactured by our own in-house designers and studio. We also handpick and import exquisite pieces from around the world. Furthermore, we represent some of the most prestigious Swiss watch brands, some of which are only represented by a handful of selected jewellers around South Africa.”


Jackson concludes: “We encourage everyone, from couples to colleagues, parents to children, to submit their Christmas wish lists through our North Pole posting box situated on our front door. We promise we’ll have something for even the most discerning of tastes.”


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