Daniel Baron to set the stage alight in the Mother City

Daniel Baron to set the stage alight in the Mother City

By Sinolwazi April

Award winning Daniel Baron who made a name for himself on the South African music scene since 2012 when he released his debut album will be serenading the crowd with piano ballads that might make you cry, to dance beats that will get your hands in the air and your feet off the ground.
The singer and songwriter will be performing at Grand West, Hanover Street on Saturday, December 3 at 10pm.

“I’m looking forward to performing my songs to the Cape Town fans. It’s going to be a jam-packed show, from piano ballads to high tempo dance songs. The fans can expect to hear my original hits including, ‘Children Of The Sun’, ‘So Much More’, ‘Different Feeling’, ‘Say What You Want’, and the latest tune ‘Beautiful Noise’. I might just throw in one or two of my favourite covers!” said the musician.

With 15 radio hits and five number ones to his name. Baron has had amazing highlights in his career thus far. He was the opening act for Bon Jovi in 2013. He achieved his first number 1 hit in 2013 when his song ‘Not Here’ with ProVerb reached the top of the SA charts. One of his latest songs, ‘Children of the Sun’ made it onto radio stations throughout Africa and was one of the most downloaded SA Dance tracks of 2016. He won a Wawela Award for Best Male Singer and Songwriter in 2013.

With all the good that has been happening in his life, he has however had some challenges along the way.
“One of the greatest challenges has been doing this all without a major record label. I decided to go my own way at an early stage in my career, and it has been difficult but I have reaped the rewards of having creative freedom, as well as the advantage of putting my own team together and starting my own label, Rockstar Records.

Baron said he wouldn’t change anything with the decisions he’s made with regards to his career. “Yes, I’ve made some mistakes here and there, but without those mistakes I wouldn’t be where I am today,” he said.

The 25-year-old said he draws his inspiration for his music from anything and everything he sees and experiences. From his relationships to worldly issues, to movies he watches.

Baron grew up surrounded by all kinds of music.  He was exposed to every genre from a young age. He saw his first concert when he was ten , and ever since then he wanted to make music and entertain people.
“Only recently in my career have I realised that I’m not only entertaining people, but also inspiring and possibly even helping them through a difficult or important time in their life.

There is so much in the pipeline for the singer, he will be travelling to the states in the new year and plans to release his third album in March 2017.