Fifth Annual Soweto Fashion Week Spring/ Summer 2017

Fifth Annual Soweto Fashion Week Spring/ Summer 2017

Lovers of fashion and all things fabulous, it’s time to put on your best ensemble and head to the fifth annual Soweto Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 (SFWSS17).  With the theme “fashion meets theatre”, the event is set to take place tomorrow November 23 at the Soweto Theatre.

SFW is an annual event that takes place in May and November, showcasing winter and summer fashion. The event promotes brands and labels established by upcoming and established designers from local township areas, predominantly Soweto, as well as designers from the South African Development Community (SADC) and other African countries.

SFW was established in October 2011 and has since reached international status participating at Switzerland, Paris and Las Vegas. To date, SFW has 55 designers affiliated to the organisation, of which 30 have been developed from the streets and 25 from colleges and training institutes.

They aim to introduce a change to the face of modelling and fashion week runways in South Africa and grow the South African fashion industry.
Stephen Manzini, Managing Director and founder of SFW said, “I am passionate about what I do. The Show has grown in leaps and bounds and it’s only a matter of time before we really make our mark. Having started out in a small venue, we have graduated to a bigger one every year, with great success. Ultimately, our vision is to host the Soweto Fashion Week in a stadium, but we are taking this one step at a time, gaining more financial sponsorship support, as well as trust with the big retail brands. Currently running on two continents, it’s only a matter of time before we become a household name!”

The event makes a significant contribution to Johannesburg’s economy, especially in township areas. The theme for SFW is African designs, using ethnic fabrics coupled with jewellery, African hair styles and grooming products.