Top 11 influencers who are making waves in the Digital Space

Top 11 influencers who are making waves in the Digital Space

By Sinolwazi April

Racing It’s a Rush recruited eleven online personalities earlier this year. Get to know the seven Johannesburg Racing its a Rush ambassadors a little better.


Brendon Gumede, 23 from Johannesburg, is a trainee Information Security Analyst and a part time brand influencer. He is very ambitious, optimistic and independent.
His vision is to inspire the youth and people who feel life is too difficult and can’t seem to move from their social position.
“It’s through perseverance, standing for what I believe in, questioning if it is beneficial to me and how will it change my life and constantly channeling bad thoughts with positive thoughts. Setting goals be it daily or 6 months and working towards them. If you’re passionate about it, it must be like needing oxygen to breathe,” said Gumede.


Keabetswe Brooke Khutsoane is a 23-year-old mother and Political Studies Masters Student. Her love for fashion and beauty came about when she started working for Seventeen magazine at the age of 17.
“I was part of the first style council with the likes of Tony Gum (how cool!). As much as we deal a lot with fashion, I’ve always been a beauty junky… and thought what better way to share my interests than on YouTube? When people showed  interest in my life,  I decided to  incorporate it with lifestyle coverage! My boyfriend is Italian and loves cooking so I would share recipes, workout programs, and lots of girl talk. It was a way of getting away from politics and my studies and I loved it!”said Khutsoane.
“If you want to become a YouTuber, you have to make sure  you do it because it’s something you love and enjoy! Be yourself in front of the camera! Make sure your content is on point and always have a bomb Thumbnail,” added the vlogger.



Thabiso “Thabzy” Makhubela, 26 year old born in Hammanskraal and is someone who is referred to as a  “slasher”. He is a Radio Presenter on Johannesburg’s number 1 hit music station, 947. He’s an entrepreneur, and holds the position of Managing Director at a new age brand consultancy, The Drawing Board Brand Consult.
“I get to connect with so many different people every day in all that I do. The magic of being able to build those connections with people I don’t personally know allows me to be broad in thinking, in taste and otherwise which in turn I suppose places me in a space where people are interested in knowing what I think on trends, issues etc,” he said.
“To the youngsters who want to follow in my footsteps, patience is all the magic you need. Keep working at what you want to achieve. It takes a lot of focus in a world that’s always dangling carrots in our faces.  The learning never stops,” he said.
Makhubela said he’s certainly not where he wants to be but he is inspired by the many stories and people around him, those who are successful at what they do and have got there because of hard work and patience.



I am a young, corporate fashion style blogger, documenting my corporate style story and my love for fashion,” said Pelontle Mosimege. The 23-year-old from Mafikeng said she’s always wanted to have her hand in everything.
“I’ve always been interested in doing a bit of everything and wanted a job that exposed me to different domains in a company, which is what being a Business Analyst does. I could deal with property one day and credit the next,” she said.
When she started working she noticed a gap in the fashion industry where women like herself, who are in the corporate industry, were not being catered for as much as others in terms of fashion inspiration and that is when she started her blog.
Mosimege has advice for people who want to follow in her path. She said, “Focus is key and you always need to remember why you started what you’re doing. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t grow from it. Secondly, rejection is not the end of the world. Keep going and be persistent. Lastly, don’t worry if people don’t understand what you’re doing. Even if you can impact only one person, that’s all that matters.”


kim-jaydeKim Jayde

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Kimberley Robinson came to SA after high school and while doing her second year at the University of Stellenbosch, was scouted by Grace Model Management.
She graduated and decided to pursue modeling full time. “Blogging felt like a natural progression, because I was already in the fashion & beauty industry. I started to write about the designers I loved and how to style their clothes and that’s how the ‘KimJayde Blog’ began,” said Robinson.
Presenting and MC-ing on the other hand was a job that kind of fell into her lap. “The offers literally came to me and I was blessed enough to be half decent at it. It’s a completely different ball game to modeling, but I’ve fallen in love with it and hope to get into it more in 2017,” she explained.
“Being genuine, consistent and positive is what I think my followers appreciate. My captions are often motivational and inspirational. Put good vibes out there and you’ll get it back. Have a dream, cultivate your talent and be willing to work your butt off,” she said.




A Project Manager in the Software Development Industry by day and a Lifestyle and Fashion Blogger by night, Keabe Mautla runs a Lifestyle and Fashion Blog where she showcases her personal style, discusses topical issues and shares her love for fashion, lifestyle and beauty products.
“I am a personal style and lifestyle blogger whose aim is to inspire the modern woman with regular updates on my simple, relaxed style philosophy and discussions on topics which are topical and close to my heart. I use my fashion blog and social media platforms to inspire, motivate, educate and entertain,” said Mautla.
“Being authentic and confident are the characteristics which allow me to be influential. Anyone can wear the same outfit, but if you do so your own way and follow your own rules, that helps you build an audience,” she said.



Boitumelo “Tumi” Linx, a 24-year-old  blogger, TV Personality, part time photographer and model from Potchefstroom, said “Patience is key if you want to be part of the fashion industry. It’s important to stay true to yourself.”
“I’m a little dynamite package, as some would say. This is because I have an abundance of energy and I enjoy socializing. A fashionista , I use my Instagram platform to express my taste in fashion, while striving to keep my style unique.  I live to my fullest and always follow my dreams,” said the fashionista.
She’s always had an eye for fashion from a very young age. She’s confident and also likes taking risks. “To aspiring bloggers or anyone who wants to pursue what I’m doing, I would say go for it; by filling up the Gap by doing something different in your own unique way that will work for you. I always say, do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later,” she said.