‘Au Revoir’ ablaze at Kalk Bay Theatre

‘Au Revoir’ ablaze at Kalk Bay Theatre

Director Vanessa Harris spoke to The Next 48hOURS about their end-of-year extravaganza, ‘Au Revoir’ – the follow up to the very successful ‘Bon Soir’ of last year.

What is ‘Au Revoir’ all about?
Well, the question is not really what it’s about; it’s more what it’s aimed at. And the answer is simple: pure escapism. There’s no storyline, but there is a style and thread that ties the show together. The same avant garde sexy craziness that ran throughout ‘Bon Soir’ is the backbone of ‘Au Revoir’. We’ve brought on board six ridiculously talented performers to give life to our ideas and they are going to totally titillate your brain. Comedy, dance, optical illusion, burlesque, adagio, music, singing, mime – and so much more.

Is it suitable for all ages?
Well, it depends on how you look at things.  We thought it best to put on a discretionary age restriction of 14 years.

How is it different to ‘Bon Soir’?
We have built on the success of ‘Bon Soir’. The demand from our theatre goers for “more, more, more”, was huge. But it is brand spanking new – an entirely new cast (except you’ll see Ash again), a new set, new costumes (more steampunk, post-apocalyptic inspired), and new off-the-wall acts. It’s also more adult I think. Sexier!

When is the run? Any specials? What nights? And how do people book?
The show runs through to January 14. We decided to start our festive season earlier than usual, because ‘Au Revoir’ is just perfect for corporate functions and end-of-year celebrations. Generally, we run from Tuesday to Saturday each week, but we are opening the Theatre on Sunday, December 18 and Monday the 19th. The normal specials apply – two tickets for the price of one on Tuesdays, and two main dishes for the price of one on Thursdays. And, of course, a big bash on New Years Eve.
Booking is online with a credit cardl or by eft by visiting www.kalkbaytheatre.co.za. You may also buy tickets at the theatre door from 3pm to 8:30pm, Tuesday through Saturday. Kalk Bay Theatre is at 52 Main Rd Kalk Bay. Call 021 7887257.