The Galloway Theatre presents Busted- A Halloween Comedy

The Galloway Theatre presents Busted- A Halloween Comedy

By Sinolwazi April

Fans of all things freaky, who get the thrill over monsters, vampires and werewolves. You are invited to the opening night of Busted at the Galloway Theatre. Busted is a comedy that incorporates acting, singing and dancing. The story follows the evil plan of The Bogeyman who is looking to take over the world (or rather this part of the world). He seeks out the services of a flamboyant vampire and a sarcastic werewolf, who seem to give him more trouble than aid. “We simultaneously follow the story of the two Cape Town based Ghost Busters in their efforts to stop the monsters from completing their heinous act,” said Kimberley Buckle, writer and director of the production.

Buckle said the project was inspired by the producer and choreographer, Liam Gillespie. “ His idea was to create a production with an all male cast that incorporated as many theatrical art forms as possible. After many business lunches we decided given that Halloween was the nearest ‘ holiday’ that Busted would be ideal for our first project together” she said.

The 22-year-old said what makes the comedy unique is the diversity of talent in the cast.
“ Each cast member brings a very strong skill to the production, hip hop, tap, singing, and acting. This allows the show to be balanced and well rounded.

As a director Buckle found the process stress free. It was the first time she had not produced her own work and that took a lot of stress off the experience, which meant she could focus solely on the creative side.

Buckle said people can expect high energy, funny banter, lively choreography, quality singers and just simply a really good time. “The show is dinner theatre with a twist? Audience members will enjoy a complimentary beverage and sweet treats to indulge in with the show. It’s trick or treating the theatre way,” she said.

The show performed by Max du Toit,  Elandre Schwartz,  Wesley Rudd and Courtney Hendricks is a three night show that opens tomorrow November 10 at 8pm until November 12 at the Galloway Theatre. Tickets are R150 and bookings can be done at