Durban Theatre Guide – Sep/Oct

It Takes Two

When the power of two musical forces collaborate the synergy and serenade of a duet is formed. Steyn Alive Productions brings you a magical evening with twice the fun in “It Takes Two.

RHUMBELOW THEATRE -Cunningham Ave off Bartle Rd

FRIDAY 30 SEPT 2016   Show starts 20.00

SATURDAY  1 OCT  2016   Show starts 20.00

SUNDAY 2 OCT  2016  Show starts 14.00

SUNDAY 2 OCT  2016   Show starts 18.30


Tribute to “Dire Straits”

Dire Straits was a British rock band formed in 1977 by Mark Knopfler (lead vocals and lead guitar) and his younger brother David Knopfler. Their sound was influenced by a variety of musical styles including jazz, folk and blues, and contrasted with the prominence of punk rock during their early years.

RHUMBELOW THEATRE – Allan Wilson Shellhole, 5 Durban Rd Pietermaritzburg

SUNDAY 25 SEPT 2016   Show starts 14.00

SUNDAY 25 SEPT 2016   Show starts 18.30


Kids Holiday Theatre Entertainment

2 different shows each day at the Rhumbelow theatre. The Big Enormous Turnip and Magic & Fun are the 2 shows. Magic and Fun is an afternoon of fun magic and fun activities for the kids. The Great Big Enormous Turnip based on an old Russian folk tale, a little old man (grumpy old geezer!) and a little old woman (nagging old bat!) hate the sight of each other!

RHUMBELOW THEATRE -Cunningham Ave off Bartle Rd

R 70-00 a ticket