Theatre Buzz: ‘Big Boys’ back at Kalk Bay Theatre

Theatre Buzz: ‘Big Boys’ back at Kalk Bay Theatre

Brothers, Ash and Brad Searle are at it again…this time in ‘Big boys, the Third’ at the Kalk Bay Theatre from September 20 to October 15. ASH SEARLE spoke to RAFIEK MAMMON about this theatrical romp.

Tell me the “who, what and the when?
It is littler brother Brad and me (or is that I?), and basically we are up to our shenanigans again, directed by my wife, Vanessa Harris. This time Brad is having a baby: yes, Mr Irresponsible is becoming Brad McDad, and as usual he isn’t going about it the conventional way. I then try and keep him on the straight and narrow, but unfortunately his crazy ways always turn out triumphant. The action all takes place at Constantiaberg mediclinic Maternity Ward. And, if I may just add: this rendition comes 9 months after ‘Big Boys II’ ended. Yes: the duration of the human gestation period. How convenient. It runs until October 15.

How did the ‘Big Boys’ brand come about?
The ‘brand’, as you call it, wasn’t intentional, it just happened. Brad and I both felt the urge to gain independence from the musical theatre industry. We wanted to perform on our own terms, and be recognised as individual performers and not just as dancers in the chorus. So we created our own show, ‘Big Boys Don’t Dance’. We combined our best abilities, dancing and comedy and created a new genre in fringe shows. Fortunately for us, it was a hit.

Do you have to have watched the previous shows to understand this one?
Nope. If you’ve seen the others, you’ll understand how they all link, but it is totally a stand alone show. Any information from the past you may need is subtly slipped into the script, so all ‘Big Boys’ newbies are welcome.

So what can audiences expect?
The script is a little more adult in content: the baby stuff and all. The dancing just gets better and better; we even added a tap routine that kicks butt. There are more projection animations to compliment the show. We’ve tried to up our game everywhere and bring you the newest trends in music, choreography, comedy and technology. They can also expect to see the best-selling show at this year’s Grahamstown Festival.

To book, visit (credit card or EFT).
Tickets are R125 with a two-for-one special on Tuesdays and on Thursdays in the Restaurant (Two-for-one main meal special).