Exhibition explores the spiritual and mental dimensions of ‘Levitation’

Exhibition explores the spiritual and mental  dimensions of ‘Levitation’

Eclectica Contemporary gallery in Cape Town is currently featuring Zambian born artist Restone Maambo’s first solo show of paintings. The exhibition, entitled ‘Levitation’, can be seen at the Burg Street space until October 1.

Employing a rich mix of media including painting, drawing and collage, Maambo’s works explore how humans can transcend their physical constraints of existence through spiritual and mental processes. The works are uplifting, forward-looking and challenging of convention and the limitations put on us as humans.
“Levitation is a spiritual subject that goes beyond the five senses. It goes beyond what is usual, invoking the surrounding energy that can only be activated through media practices, experience, illusions and to some beliefs,” says Maambo.

“I believe that as humans we have the capability of going beyond the laws of nature when pushed, or pushing towards some limit. This can even result into some magical entity. It’s easiest for me to explain what I mean by this in visual terms – through my paintings – rather than explain this experience in words.”

Art critic and theorist Andrew Lamprecht has written the following about the exhibition: “In these paintings we see a careful interplay between objects and people; between space and identity; and between the physical realm and that of the spirit. Through force of concentration, with the application of his mind and his materials, and finally via painterly skill that has been practiced long and hard, Restone Maambo has done the seemingly impossible: he has defied the realm of the ordinary, the explicable and the mundane.”

Maambo was born in Zambia, in 1980. His paintings often look back at his childhood. Maambo was first interested in illustrations found in newspapers and comics at the age of five. His passion for creativity and art lead him to move to Cape Town, where he has since pursued his career, focusing on paintings concerned with the human form and its presence in different environments.

For more information, call 021 422 4145; send an email to info@eclecticacontemporary.co.za;
or visit www.eclecticacontemporary.co.za.
Eclectica Contemporary is situated on 69 Burg Street, Cape Town.