Tobie Cronje back in comedic mode in play about shedding those pounds

Tobie Cronje back in comedic mode in play about shedding those pounds

‘My Fat Friend’, a comedy written by Charles Laurence, directed by André Odendaal, and starring much-loved funny man Tobie Cronje, will be on stage in Johannesburg at Pieter Toerien’s Montecasino Theatre until October 2.

Charles Laurence’s (1931-2013) London and Broadway hit comedy ‘My Fat Friend’, presented by Pieter Toerien and Kosie Smit, is the story of Vicky (Michelle Botha), who owns a successful bookshop in London’s Hampstead. She guzzles comfort food and chocolate to make up for her somewhat boring existence. She good-humouredly suffers the slings and arrows of her friend and lodger, the not-so-young Henry (Tobie Cronjé), while failing to notice that her other tenant, James (Jeremy Richard), worships her from afar.

A stranger, a handsome man of thirty, one day stumbles into her bookshop looking for a travel book as he is on the verge of departing for Iran on a four month working engagement. The man, Tom (Charlie Bouguenon), strikes up a conversation with Vicky – who seems unable to comprehend that Tom is unperturbed by her weight.

The two completely hit it off and agree to keep in touch while Tom is away and resume where they left matters when Tom returns. Loving nothing more than to meddle in Vicky’s affairs, Henry suggests to her that she should lose weight during Tom’s absence and knock his socks off when he returns to London.
Aided by Henry and James, hard exercise, diet and a graph she manages to reduce to a streamlined version of her former self – only to come to a profound realization upon Tom’s return.
“It’s a fine art indeed to steal the show without completely running away with it,” Peter Tromp wrote about Cronje’s performance in his review of the Afrikaans version of the show, ‘Vettie Vettie’, in 2014.

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