Music Exchange: The Soap Girls could be Die Antwoord

Music Exchange: The Soap Girls could be Die Antwoord

As we begin Women’s Month, you cannot ignore The SoapGirls, Mie an Mille – two beautiful “musical rebels” from Cape Town who are touring across the UK and Europe at the moment.
They have worked with a myraid of good people, including producer Charlie Hamilton in the Cape and have just signed a PR and management deal for South Africa with Kim Saville, a doyenne in music management and PR.

The SoapGirls are raw, gutsy, innovative and thoroughly trendsetting. Their sound is bold, catchy with great hooks and very melody driven. It’s where Rock meets Punk, with a metal edge and some pop grunge thrown in for good measure, making it hard to place them in any specific genre.

In the latter half of 2015, the two gorgeous, sassy, charmingly rebellious South African sisters caused quite a stir across the UK, invading stages and hijacking festival bills like beauty queen pirates on a rampage. Not that anyone seemed to mind; their energetic, anarchistic, catchy punk-rock-pop songs received standing ovations at more than 36 shows in just more than two months. Glowing reviews from the usually cynical music press lead some to proclaim The SoapGirls as claimants to those other South African mega-stars’ throne, namely Die Antwoord.
They have recorded three new singles in the UK with Russ Russell (Parlour Studios) and and are gearing for the release of their single, ‘Bad Bitch’.
Currently the girls are touring the UK, a continuation of their tour from last year promoting their raw album ‘Calls For Rebellion’, and they will be heading out to stops that include Germany, Holland, Switzerland and Italy during the month of September/October, whereafter they will return to finish off the tour in the UK until November.

By Martin Myers

By Martin Myers

These are some snippets of the overseas press raving:

“The SoapGirls are frighteningly brilliant…Unique…one of the most exciting finds of 2015. Miss them at your peril!” – Melographic (September 2015)

“Not since ‘Appetite for Destruction’ have I heard an album that wanted to make its point: this band is not to be messed with. These girls are great musicians with a knack for writing and performing great music.”– The Midland ROCKS

Live is where the sisters are most at home, as their growing legion of devoted fans will attest – their colourful stage performances create moments where anything and everything is possible and everybody in the audience becomes part of the show.

When not on-stage, the Girls maintain a solid social media presence, keeping themselves very much in touch with their fans (“The Soap Suds”) around the world. Their impromptu Facebook/YouTube video clips are a sensation in an era when too few artistes these days strive to keep their fans front and center.
With their forward motion and projected influence in the music and entertainment business via social media, the girls are rapidly growing their already large fanbase and already have  gained super fans who are showing their dedication by following them show to show and some even going so far as to have The SoapGirls logo tattooed on their persons.

Born in Paris and residing in Cape Town, the girls have an impressive back story, having started out as street performers at the young age of 8/9 years old (hence their name The SoapGirls). They are no strangers to the entertainment industry and already at age 15 were signed to International labels like UMG, who released their debut album, ‘Xperience’, a more poppy/dance era of the girls’ musical journey, but gave them the Top 5 Hits ‘Sour’, ‘Hurricane’, ‘In Your Arms’ and ‘Lucky Tonight’ and subsequent exposure on a number of major South African TV shows/compilation CD’s and National Club Tours. Four years later and they simply could not grasp what the “TSG Movement” was really about, so the girls took off for New York, where they recorded and released another two singles. However, they still weren’t 100% on the direction they were being pressured into, so turned down a massive deal to rather keep their independence so as to keep their music honest, raw and without creative constraint.
Stay tuned – their music journey just went up a notch.

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