Lentils & Lace: The no-make-up days

Lentils & Lace: The no-make-up days

By RoxyK

Going bare faced does not mean that there has to be no makeup at all, but it is rather about choosing the correct makeup products to get the effect. At my recent beauty workshop I was exposed to a range of professional cosmetics called Bodyography. The products are gentle enough to use every day and they are formulated to capture light on the skin and perfectly hides flaws such as fine lines and wrinkles.
To get the natural look, start off with the veil foundation primer. This will prep the skin by smoothing the surface and reducing the shine. The best part about this primer is that it is long lasting, without sacrificing skin comfort.

The next step is to apply the sun defence tinted moisturizer, which comes with its own brush applicator so there is no wastage. Just a small amount is needed to cover the areas that are uneven, for a sheer finish. For more coverage apply the foundation and gently pat on the skin with your beauty blender. This remarkable applicator has a pointed tip, so it is ideal to work your foundation around the nose and upper lip area.

The liquid liner pen does it all by defining the eyes to create the perfect look. It is easy to work with and glides along the eyelid. Add a little mascara and your eyes will look complete. Blush can be stroked along the sides of your cheeks closer to the ear and this will give the skin a tanned healthy glow.
Last is the application of the dual lip gloss. I love the colour “in the nude”, which gives the lips a hint of colour. To add a little shine, apply a small amount of lip gloss in the middle of your lower lip, smack them together and you’re good to go.
All Bodyography products are formulated with natural ingredients and suitable for all skin types.

* Visit www.bodyography.co.za for more information.