Father’s Day Power Series racing at Killarney

Father’s Day Power Series racing at Killarney

Saturday, June 18, will feature Round 3 of the Power Series at Killarney, which will be run in ‘Anti-Clockwise’ direction. The only change will be the inclusion of a twisty zig-zag chicane on the main straight, opposite the new Pit area. This may cause a few upsets, as some of the drivers adapt to the new format.

The Crossley & Webb Sports & GT Category Class A will see the return of Johan Engelbrecht in his very quick Porsche GT2R, but he will have to contend with Steve Humble (Juno 2000) and Francis Carruthers (Juno Nissan).
In Class B, Gary Kieswetter (Porsche GT3 RS) should come out tops with Clinton Thorne (Birkin Toyota 1.6L) and Colin Plit (Juno SS3 2.4L) doing very similar Lap Times.

Class C is expected to be a tussle between Peter Little (FvH7 Rotary) and Gavin Gorman (Nardini VW 2L), with Louis de Jager (Lola T212 Toyota 2L) and Martin Pugh (Lola T212 VW) about 1 second per lap slower. Also in the mix is Paul Beachy-Head (Audi R8 4.2L), who is making a comeback after a long absence. Cyril Ginsburg (Porsche GT3RS) has only done one Race in Class C after breaking out of Class D in March, and his times are expected to improve as he gets to grips with the other Class C Cars. Godfrey Lancellas (Lola T212 Toyota 2L) will be doing his first race in the Class, having broken out from Class D at the last meeting.

Class D will welcome back Ray Farnham (Birkin 7 Opel 2L) after an accident in the February race did extensive damage to his car. Philip Booysen (Exige 2L) is still getting used to his new car and is expected to go all out to improve his lap times. Marcus Henkel (Ford Birkin 7) and Paul Schwartz (GT40 5.7L) will have their hands full to outdrive these two. As well as the Crossley & Webb Sports & GT series there is a full programme with Clubmans, GTi Challenge, Supercars, Classic & Fine Cars, Formula Libre, as well as all the usual Motor Cycles categories, plus CBR150 Cup.

There will be a display of model planes in the new Pit Area. For some lucky winners there will be drives around the track at racing speed in a McLaren 650S V8 Turbo Sports Car.
Gates open at 7am and the first Race is at 10am, so get there early to get the best spectator spot to see all the action.