Gadget Buddies: Father’s day gift ideas

Gadget Buddies: Father’s day gift ideas

By Imran Khan

With the month of Father’s Day already here, we headed out to search for some of the coolest gifts and gadgets to get for your Dad. The items selected aim to cater for most Dads, or for that special male friend too, so we did not restrict ourselves to an ‘I Love you Dad’ mug; or ‘Winter slippers and a gown’ – both of which stand out as two of the most clichéd gifts for Father’s Day. Instead we looked at items for the modern man that includes the latest technology and ones that have that unmistakable “cool factor”.

Biltong Maker
This one owns the top of the list. Whether your Dad goes to sport games, fishing, camping or loves Protein on the go, he needs a Biltong Maker. Nothing beats that satisfying feeling of making and tasting your own Biltong after watching it dry over a few days. Mellerware have designed a simple, yet effective Biltong and Food Dehydrator that is easy to assemble and set up. The unit has both hanging rods for biltong and droëwors as well as shelves for drying fruit and vegetables. It is an easy, no fuss gift that also takes away the stress of making it from scratch.
Get it at Cape Union Mart for about R450.

Garmin-Vivosmart-HRActivity Tracker
It started as a craze, but got taken quite seriously once people started seeing their true benefits. Activity trackers come in various shapes and sizes and the best ones are the ones that are most comfortable to wear. We say this because this unit needs to be worn 24/7 to monitor things like distance walked, calorie consumption, heart rate, sleeping patterns and graph overall physical activity. After looking at so many different units, we narrowed it down to the unit that offered the best overall experience – from ease of use, to online support.
The Garmin Vivosmart HR packs quite a punch in a small package. It has features like heart rate monitoring, barometric altimeter, Intensity Minutes monitoring, automatic syncing to mobile devices and it’s waterproof (you can swim with it), not to mention that it displays notifications from your mobile device.
Get it at Sportsmans Warehouse for about R3500 (Available in Black, Blue and Purple).

Riem-2-VR-Headset-for-3-5---6-inch-screen-size-smartphonesVirtual Reality Headset
Ever since Google made the Google Cardboard headset a few years ago, the Virtual Reality scene has exploded. There are now so many VR devices available, including the Samsung VR. If you want to buy a VR headset for your Dad this Father’s Day, then we suggest going for the Samsung VR Headset first, purely because the company that pioneered the VR technology, Oculus, powers the Samsung VR unit. However, with the variety of Smartphones available today, more manufactures want to make VR possible and generic devices are slowly taking over. We went in search of a unit that will allow you to use any new Smartphone. The ‘Riem 2’ is a VR headset that gives you that 3D movie experience and can be used with any Smartphone with screen sizes ranging from 3.5 to 6 inches.
With an attractive price and the capability of using various handsets, this would be a really cool gift for Dad and the entire family could try it out as well.
It’s available at for about R550.

Swiss+Tech-22-in-1Swiss + Tech 22 in 1
The world of pocket knives has evolved way past the classic red pocket tools we know off. With the invention of the Leatherman, a new era of pocket tools was created and now the company called ‘Swiss Tech’ is taking it to the next level. Their latest micro extreme pocket tool features 22 heavy duty stainless steel tools and can easily be carried in your pocket or tool belt. Its patented opening system reveals tools like Wire Strippers, Closed End Wrench, Screw Drivers, hand drill, ruler and file, to name a few. It’s a serious bit of kit that rivals the Leatherman both in capability, price and compact styling.
Get the Swiss+Tech 22-in-1 from for about R395.

The latest ‘Doom’ game is out at last. Id Software, the same studio that pioneered the first person shooter genre and multiplayer matches, returns with a challenging modern day experience. In usual style the game opens up with a post apocalyptic story where you are put into the character of a lone DOOM Marine that is programmed to do one thing, and that is to clean up. We played the game and were impressed at how smooth and fluid the movements were. It all came together when you have to handle destructive weapons to battle through an amazing single player campaign. With the new game you can also create your own maps and worlds and share it online with the ‘DOOM’ community.
All in all, the game is a throwback to the first ‘DOOM’ but it just feels fresher and more intelligent. With new modes and the addition of online play, it really is a game that continues to define the first person shooter genre.
Currently available on Xbox One, PC and PS4. Price ranges from R699 to R899. Available at your local BT Games Store now.