Lentils & Lace: Get your winter glow on

Lentils & Lace: Get your winter glow on

Are you prone to dry, flaky, itchy skin during winter? Then, it is time to change to hydrating lotions and creamy shower gels that will nourish the skin for a more smooth, plump and glowing finish. This is what I have put together to give you that invigorating, fresh feel.


Nivea In-Shower
This moisturizing shower cream is the best to use if you are on the go. Just apply while in the shower and rinse off – no need to apply a lotion.

Aquaphor Soothing Skin Balm
Soothes chapped skin to support in skin regeneration. It creates a protective barrier that allows passage of water vapour. Non-comegenic, fragrance-free and preservative-free. BodyButter175ml

Africology Body Butter
Improves the skin, body contour and well being. Applied after a shower, it helps to regenerate the epidermis, increases circulation and helps preserve younger, healthier and radiant skin.

nivea_rich_nourishing_body_moisturiser_4005808236879Nivea Body Moisturiser
This rich and creamy formula combined with almond oil intensively nourishes to noticeably reduce the roughness of dry skin. Suitable for dry to sensitive skins. pure_beginnings_revitalising_body_wash

Pure Beginnings Revitalising Body Wash
Ideal for the whole family, made with nourishing ingredients to soothe, calm and hydrate the skin.  The natural citrus and ylang ylang fragrance are combined to make every bath time a revitilasing experience.

Eucerin Intensive Hand Cream
Replenishes the natural moisture to dry hands. Formulated with 5% urea and lactate, this lotion helps to minimize the risk of skin irritation and allergies.