Lentils & Lace: Celebrating Mother’s Day – WIN!!

Lentils & Lace: Celebrating Mother’s Day – WIN!!

By RoxyK
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On Sunday, May 8, children all over the world celebrate Mother’s Day. It is a day of celebrating great relationships, love, unity and happiness with the person that gave you a wealth of wisdom, understanding and support.
So why not give her a gift to show your appreciation.
Enter any of the competitions at the end of the article and make it a day to remember with your mom.


Cape Town Prizes up for grabs

The-view-at-the-The-President-HotelThe President Hotel
Situated in the exclusive suburb of Bantry Bay in Cape Town, this 4-star hotel features a business centre, outdoor pool, laundry services and free Wi-Fi. Now you have a chance to treat your mother to a delicious all-you-can-eat buffet this Mother’s Day. They offer an array of mains to choose from, complimented by an array of mouth-watering desserts and hot puddings for those with a sweet tooth. Moms can also enjoy a complimentary poolside back/shoulder massage.
Visit www.presidenthotel.co.za for more details. We are giving away two vouchers for you and your mom courtesy of The President Hotel.

The-view-from-Westin-Grand-Hotels-Heavenly-Spa-is-immaculateHeavenly Spa
This Mother’s Day we would like to treat your mom to a special pampering day with Heavenly Spa. This relaxing spa is tucked away in the heart of Cape Town’s Westin Grand Hotel that offers stress-releasing massages, facials and body treatments. The pool area overlooks the city and you can enjoy a swim, or just relax and take in the amazing views of Cape Town.
The neatly decorated treatment rooms are suited to your every need and the professional therapists are trained to make sure that your treatment is an experience. Re-energise your body, mind and soul with tailor-made massages with a cocktail of stress-relieving oils to calm your body.
Book a treatment and discover the difference. Find out more at www.heavenlyspa.co.za.

Nivea-Q10-PlusNivea Q10 Plus
Enriched with coenzyme Q10 and goji berry extract, this anti-wrinkle creams are gentle enough to use every day. It smoothes out the appearance of fine and wrinkles and softens the skin surface. The day cream has a built-in SPF15 for added sun protection and gives you a naturally flawless even skin tone. The night cream is an intensive hydrating cream that works deep down to help rebuild skin cells. This light-weight cream repairs the skin while you sleep, resulting in an even toned, moisturized finish. Use this duo pack with a mild cleanser and an alcohol-free toner for better results.
Visit www.nivea.co.za for more information on the range.

Three lucky winners can win one of these fabulous gifts for their mom. To win, send your name and “L&L – Mother’s Day CPT” in the subject line in an e-mail to: win@48hours.co.za before 12pm on Monday, May 2. Good luck!


Joburg Prizes up for grabs

Rooibos products have been a part of the beauty industry for years and they have proven to be amongst the most nourishing and soothing products. They are all 100% organic and free from harsh chemicals. Rooibos have now introduced a deliciously flavoured limited edition herbal tea, infused with the rich taste of pomegranate. It has a sweet, fruity flavour and is rich in antioxidants, which assist the body in getting rid of toxins. One teabag is enough to make two to three cups of this delicious tea. This can be enjoyed hot or cold by adding a splash of apple juice or chopped fruit.
Another product that people are talking about is the rooibos and pomegranate nourishing body cream. This ultra-moisturising cream is gentle enough to use every day and is rich in antioxidants, minerals and free radical fighting properties that allow the skin to remain supple and appearing full of youth. This body cream is easily absorbed and your skin will feel beautifully nourished and pampered.
Visit www.annique.co.za for more information.

20160427_095057Avon Infinity Top
Packing for trip every month has been made easier with this remarkable infinity top. Made from the softest material it is easy to wear and does not crease. The best part is that this fashionable top can be worn five different ways.
You could use it as an off-shoulder dress, a pencil skirt, a ¾ sleeve top, a one-shoulder top and a short skirt. The sleeves tuck neatly inside like a pocket and the waistband can be stretched as far as your knees. They are available in small/medium, large/extra-large and triple XL.  They can be worn with leggings or high wasted trousers for a cool, sleek look.
Visit www.avon.co.za for more information.

Milk Solutions
This natural, nourishing body butter is made from kigelia Africana, which is used to soften and hydrate the body. This innovative, moisturizing formula helps the skin to recover from dryness, leaving it smooth and soft. To get rid of dead skin cells, this effective hand and body scrub infused with tomato and basil extracts ensures that body is left clean and perfectly softened.

Three lucky winners can win one of these fabulous gifts for their mom. To win, send your name and “L&L – Mother’s Day JHB” in the subject line in an e-mail to: win@48hours.co.za before 12pm on Monday, May 2. Good luck!

Durban Prizes up for grabs


Dry, uneven skin can often look dull and tired. As we get older our skins need more moisture to help skin look and feel softer and radiant. With so many beauty formulas in the market, it is difficult to choose the correct products to help and give your skin the added benefit. Celltone is an innovative range of products that uses snail gel extract to treat a wide range of skincare issue. The products are designed to moisturise, repair and hydrate the skin.
Some of the active ingredients include allantoin, which has been shown to stop skin from itching, flaking and peeling. Vitamin E oils help to create a barrier on the skin that helps to lock in moisture and act as an anti-oxidant to flush away toxins. Celltone products are available at all retail outlets.

Skinny-coffee-is-made-from-unroasted-coffee-beansSkinny coffee
Skinny coffee is a deliciously flavoured drink with and amazing weight-loss breakthrough. It is made from raw, unroasted coffee beans that are rich in caffeine and chlorogenic acid. These compounds help boost the metabolism and inhibit fat absorption. The formulation includes evodiamine, which has a thermogenic property that induces heat production and energy generation. Raspberry ketone found in skinny coffee is a compound that reduces visceral fatty tissue and liver triglycerides.
Skinny green coffee is pure, with no added sugars and can be enjoyed in its original pure form, or with a dash of milk. It also rich in antioxidants, which are necessary to fight free radicals that cause premature aging due to stress, pollution and smoke in modern day living.
Skinny green coffee is only effective as part of a kilojoule controlled diet, combined with regular exercise.

20160427_095057Avon Infinity Top
This stylish figure-flattering blouse is every woman’s dream to packing light when travelling. It is easy to slip on and feels glamorous, whether you wear it to work or on a casual day. Paired with a skinny pants or tights, it makes the ideal comfort top which can be worn in five different ways.
It can be worn as an off-shoulder dress by pulling the neckline around the shoulders; a pencil skirt by wearing the neckline around the waist and tucking in the sleeves; a ¾ sleeve top; a one-shoulder top; and a short skirt.
This is definitely a must-have this season and they are available in four different sizes.
Visit www.avon.co.za for more information.

Three lucky winners can win one of these fabulous gifts for their mom. To win, send your name and “L&L – Mother’s Day DBN” in the subject line in an e-mail to: win@48hours.co.za before 12pm on Monday, May 2. Good luck!