‘Curl up and Dye’ at Milnerton Playhouse

‘Curl up and Dye’ at  Milnerton Playhouse

Sue Pam-Grant’s ‘Curl Up and Dye’ directed by Roché Haupt Buckle, will be presented at the Milnerton Playhouse from March 4 to 19.
The play follows five women living in an inner city “grey area” in Johannesburg’s suburb of Joubert Park where people of varying ethnicities lived alongside one another during the last decade of apartheid. At the centre of ‘Curl Up and Dye’ is Rolene, (played by Lizanne Peters) the manager of the salon from which the play takes its title.

Beaten by her husband, Denzil, she takes refuge in her life at the salon where she ekes out a living. Working alongside her is Miriam, (Marcha Simpson) a woman who has been doing menial chores at the salon for two decades while dealing with her own difficult home life in Soweto.

Regulars at the salon include Mrs du Bois, (Judith Herbig) the neighbourhood gossip who observes everyone around her from her high horse, and Charmaine, (Natasha Bommarco) a drug-addicted prostitute who spends her days putting herself back together after the previous night’s encounters. It takes a new customer, Dudu, (Patience Bwititi and Keanetse Fothoane) a nurse who has worked her way out of an abusive marriage and into a secure position at the hospital where she is employed, to stir things up. When she arrives at Curl Up and Dye, all bets are off and all the suppressed secrets and racism that lurk beneath the other characters’ troubled existence rise to the surface.

* Tickets are R90 for evening shows and R80 for matinees. To book, e-mail: Bookings@milnertonplayers.com or call 082 267 1061.