Joburg Art Guide – 18 Feb

Ricky Burnett

Ricky Burnett’s studio is a stimulating creative space filled with Johannesburg art students four and half days a week. This particular is exhibition will showcase his work in particular.

Until 4 Mar @ 9am


Everard Read Gallery. 6 Hellicoe Avenue, Johannesburg. (Tel) 011-788-4805


56th Venice Biennale

Curated by Okwui Enswezor and entitled ‘All the worlds futures’, the exhibition offers visitors a chance to engage wuth International Art trends.

15 Feb @ 7pm


Atterbury Theatre. 4 Daventry Street, Pretoria. (Tel) 012-471-1700


The House Project

American born photographer Roger Ballen will hold his first solo exhibition this month.

Until 28 Feb @ 9am (Mon – Sat)


Gallery Momo. 52 7th Avenue, Parktown North. (Tel) 011-327-3247


Gratuitous Cocking

This is an exhibition by artist Antoinette Murdoch in which she explores ‘cocking’-the method of priming a gun for fire. We are lead to believe that this is the most dramatic scene in movies and Murdoch pokes at this perception in her work.

18 Feb – 27 Feb @ 9am (Tue – Sat)


Circa on Jellicoe Gallery. 2 Jellicoe Road, Rosebank. (Tel) 011-788-4805


William Kentridge – Notes Towards a Model Opera

The piece Notes towards a Model Opera is rooted in extensive research into the intellectual, political, and social history of modern China, from Lu Xun to revolutionary theatre, that Kentridge undertook in preparation for his Asian exhibitions. 

18 Feb – 21 Feb @ 9:30


Goodman Gallery. 163 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood. (Tel) 011-788-1113


Colbert Mashile

An established artist, Mashile in well known in the South African art scene. His latest exhibition will showcase work on ‘man as animal’ and ‘animal as man’ , using figures that invoke stereotypical human attributes.

18 – 27 Feb @ 9am


Circa Gallery. 2 Jellicoe Avenue, Rosebank. (Tel) 011-788-4805


Wayne Barker

A new series of silkscreens and others works from artist Wayne Barker.

18 Feb – 4 Mar @ 9am


Everard Read Gallery. 6 Jellicoes Avenue, Rosebank (Tel) 011-788-4805