Healing Earth facial care range

Healing Earth facial care range

By RoxyK

There are so many products on the market that claim to either get rid of wrinkles, even out skin tone or protect and hydrate skin, but what we really need from a product is something that actually works well beneath the surface to repair and build new cells. During my search for the purest skin care range, I came across the high performance range by Healing Earth. The products, all organic and made from all natural resources, are free from synthetic fragrances, colourants, petro chemicals, DEA, preservatives and parabens. They contain natural, active ingredients such as flowers, herbs, fruit, seeds and natural oils. The best part is that none of the products are tested on animals and every product is carefully formulated to suit any skin’s needs.

The vitamin and antioxidant enriched formulas have been proven as successful hydration boosters, skin protectors and anti-agers, and they boast the essential fatty acids that enhance the skin’s natural radiance. In advanced skincare, natural ingredients may lose their effectiveness in certain micronising processes. Their products do not use any freeze-dry or excessive heating processes in its production and manufacturing, opting instead for natural preservation methods.

The key ingredients that make up this range are Kalahari Melon, African Ginger, African Potato, Marula, Neroli, Coffee, Cinnamon, Orange, Baobab and Mongongo Nut.
The first step is to use the active replenish gel, which is lightweight and non-greasy and easily gets rid of excess sebum and makeup, leaving the skin clean and glowy. If you have sensitive skin you will just love this product. The second step involves the ultra cooling toner, which is rich in ingredients such as neroli, papaya and jasmine that soothes and calms the skin. The toner comes in a spray top bottle so there is no wastage and this can be sprayed directly onto the face and gently tissued off. This is a powerful refreshing spritzer that gives the skin an instant pick-me-up. The radiance boosting African potato balm can be used morning and night. The gel-like texture of this balm slides easily onto the skin, giving it a smooth and satiny finish as the active ingredients go about healing and repairing.

The best product in the range is the tri-enzyme peptide peel. Gently massage onto face, neck and décolleté in an upward circular movements for five minutes, until all the ingredients have been absorbed. Remove excess with water-dampened cotton wool. This peel can be used twice a week for the best anti-aging results.

As with all skincare products, a mask is always that one product that will help ease out fine lines and replenish the skin with moisture. The tri-enzyme peptide mask is massaged onto the skin and left on for about ten minutes and then wiped, or rinsed off. This can also be done twice a week or more, depending on how dry and dehydrated your skin is.
These high performance products are definitely a must, especially for the treatment of dull, tired-looking skin.

* For more information, visit www.healingearth.co.za.