Mohair fashions to be showcased in Woodstock

Mohair fashions to be showcased in Woodstock

For one day only, Mohair South Africa (MSA) will be hosting their 2016 Mohair Design Showcase #MohairStudio at the Olive Studio in Woodstock, Cape Town.

On Tuesday, February 16, MSA will showcase unique design installations, décor and contemporary fashion inspired by a diverse colour scheme and unique mix of textures and fabrication. Think glamour vintage combined with the 1970s; an era of creativity, liberation and rock ‘n roll.

The exclusive qualities of this natural fibre have made Mohair a sought after product throughout the world. South Africa is the current global leader; producing some of the world’s best quality Mohair in the world. #MohairStudio will exhibit the characteristics of this beautiful fibre, (also known as the “Diamond fibre”), in its 2016 showcase; combining objects inspired by Mohair, as well as installations that incorporate the latest design trends with the versatile Mohair qualities.

The MAXHOSA shawl by LADUMA (who uses Mohair yarn in his designs) has made the shortlist for the 2016 Most Beautiful Object in South Africa and together with LADUMA’S beautiful designs, #MohairStudio will also reflect how other designers have been influenced and inspired by this luxurious fibre.

With an emphasis on Mohair in design, the showcase will capture the essence of extravagance that the fibre brings into every product, all displayed in a gallery-style setting that will highlight Mohair and all its qualities in a beautiful, opulent way.
Entrance to the Mohair Design Showcase 2016 is FREE.
Doors open at 5pm until 7pm.
Address: Olive Studio, 160 Albert Road, Woodstock