Lentils & Lace: “Comfort” doesn’t have to mean “ugly” when it comes to footwear

Lentils & Lace: “Comfort” doesn’t have to mean “ugly” when it comes to footwear

By RoxyK

Footwear has now become the most important accessory for easy dressing, comfort and movement. For some women, shoe shopping is all about fashion and style, or shoes that reflect their personality. For me, it is all about comfort, although a few years back “comfort” was synonymous with “ugly”, but not anymore. Comfortable shoes have expanded and there seems to be a wider selection available in most of our stores. I too have made mistakes when buying a shoe and although I looked for a quality shoe, I sometimes ended up with a pair that was inadequate and soon got to be uncomfortable. But then I found the Skechers GO FLEX Walk shoes. They are extremely light-weight and the brand has managed to incorporate comfort and style and designed shoes that “move with you”. They are geared for maximum flexibility and offer something unique for both the sporty and style-conscious consumers.

Skechers have firmly established themselves as a leading brand in the “athleisure” trend, taking the South African fashion scene by storm. And, having occupied the casual athletic footwear space for some time, Skechers have managed to get the balance between performance and appearance just right. These quality shoes are made for men, women and children and for anyone who is fashion conscious. There are over 2500 styles to choose from and with the brand new exciting colours that are available, they are suitable to wear every day. The GO FLEX  (PICTURED) range is big on comfort and with the goga mat insole, which is a squishy cushioning, it will keep your feet protected and comfy throughout the day. The Resalyte rubber sole gives the shoe its lightweight feel and also absorbs impact, for increased durability and stability. The shoes have a large front that accommodates the toe area for extreme comfort. The best part of these remarkable shoes is that they do not need any break-in period.
I have to admit that I love shoes and as comfort, flexibility and balance are important elements to me, I always use these pointers when buying shoes:

• make sure that the toe area is wide enough through the ball of the foot
• test for cushioning; it should have a slight padded feel
• make sure that the shoe is made from good quality suede, fabric or leather as it lessens the chance of blisters forming
• shoes with a little bit of a heel will support your arches
• a shoe should always fit snugly from toe to heel
• try and find shoes with a rubber sole as they are non-slip and much more stable
• examine the shoes that you are buying for any defects; they should both look stable when standing on their own

The Skechers range have certainly ticked all my boxes when it comes to choosing a comfortable all-day casual shoe and whether you are a fitness freak or a fashion fanatic, the range has something unique to offer for everyone.

Visit their website at www.skechers.com.

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