Travelling & Living with the stars

Travelling & Living with the stars

In this regular column, we chat to some of SA’s premier personalities about their travel experiences and favourite local pastimes and haunts.
This week we catch up with popular presenter and media personality KATLEGO MABOE.

What is your favourite travel destination, and why?
I think that every travel destination I’ve been to is my favourite for various unique reasons, but if I must single one out then it would have to be Seychelles. It was one of my first tropical island experiences and it was perfect – as dreamy, lazy and delicious as one might imagine such a holiday to be.

What was your first international trip, and what do you remember most vividly about the experience?
My first international trip was a choir trip to Namibia and what I remember most vividly about it is the warm welcome we received from everyone who heard that we were tourists. We would often just assemble the choir at random spots in a town or market that we were visiting and give a little impromptu performance for the people who were there.

What is the first thing you usually do when you arrive at your destination and you’re trying to get acclimated?
I usually get a map of the region and apply my best geography and mapping skills to navigate myself to the nearest coffee shop. I find that once you can leave home base and return safely then you’re ready to go exploring like a real traveller should.

What for you is usually the best way to soak up the culture you’re in?
It’s all in the music. Music is associated with so many different aspects of human interaction – from the most ceremonious to the celebratory and everything in between. Anywhere you can sit down to enjoy some local, especially traditional, music will set you on a good path to start discovering the culture of the place you’re in.

Flying – love it, or hate it?
LOVE IT! Shortest distance between two points!

What has been your favourite cuisine that you have discovered on your travels?
Not for its delicious taste or the manner in which it was prepared, which was most unappetising, but it was a street food called “Maboke” that I tried while exploring Congo Brazaville. A fresh water fish spiced and wrapped in banana leaves and cooked over and open flame. Eating it was like willingly undertaking a ‘Fear Factor’ challenge, wondering if I brought enough pairs of underwear.

You’ve got exactly R48 in your wallet. Where do you go for lunch in Cape Town and in Joburg, and what do you have?
Cape Town: Eastern Food Bazaar – Chicken Curry and Rice and a drink. I’ll probably be left with change to take a taxi back home, but I’ll walk so I can walk off the gigantic plate of food I just had.
JHB: Neighbourgoods Market – Seafood Payella and enjoy it on the terrace to the sounds of live music and energised city chitter-chatter.
What is your speciality in the kitchen?
I make the meanest and most delicious omelettes I know.

Describe your ideal night in, and out.
IN: Christmas bed layed out with home-made burgers and refreshing gingerbeer. Fall asleep on the bed while watching a movie right after eating four burgers. I’ll hit the gym the next day to work off the calories.
OUT: In the company of talkative friends and good wine. Five course dinner with the most beautiful (for Instagram) dishes and great laughter to carry the night through.

What makes life worth living?
Music. Music can alter your mood as though it’s almost talking to you. It can make the world around you look beautiful or disastrous, depending on what you’re listening. It can make you fall in love or help you through heartbreak. It is the food of life.