Travelling & Living with the stars

Travelling & Living with the stars

In this regular column, we chat to some of SA’s premier personalities about their travel experiences and favourite local pastimes and haunts.
This week we catch up with the one, the only, SIV NGESI.

What is your favourite travel destination, and why?
My favourite travel destination has to be the city that never sleeps; the city that was so nice they had to name it twice; the place that owns Siv Ngesi…I’m of course talking about New York City. It’s absolutely magical and I won’t even try justify my answer. If you have been there, you will understand and if you haven’t, get yourself there so you can understand.

What was your first international trip, and what do you remember most vividly about the experience?
My first international trip was to the UK in 1993. My mom was studying there and I can still remember experiencing snow for the first time. Wow, that white stuff is as cold as my ex.

What is the first thing you usually do when you arrive at your destination and you’re trying to get acclimated?
First thing I do is put my bags down and even before I clean up, I walk and get lost. Getting lost is always the best way to experience a new city.

What for you is usually the best way to soak up the culture you’re in?
The key to the culture of any place is the locals. I always make sure I speak to and befriend as many locals as possible. If you travel and don’t interact with the locals, you are seeing and experiencing only the tip of a gigantic iceberg.

Flying – love it, or hate it?
Flying is amazing. I am lucky enough to be able to sleep for hours on flights.

What has been your favourite cuisine that you have discovered on your travels?
Thai food has knocked all others out of the park.
What is your speciality in the kitchen?
Take aways. I can cook very well, but I am too lazy to clean up.

Describe your ideal night in, and out.
I am a sucker for staying in. Usually I am in my room naked and watching series, listening to musicals and ordering take aways while I cuddle my laptop.
A night out is always amazing with people I love , no matter what we do.

What makes life worth living?
Knowing that life is all about the journey and not the destination and never forgetting that doing what you love is the key to happiness and success.