Gadget Buddies

Gadget Buddies

By Imran Khan

‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’

We remember her as the puzzle solving, grapple hook game character from the 1990s, when the animation was still dependant on 32 megabytes graphics cards. Lara Croft is back in a new chapter in her life. This time her journey is more about survival, wits and trusting new friends. ‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’ will take gamers to new locations with breathtaking scenery and challenge them with the franchise’s new gritty survival-action style. Camilla Luddington takes the reins to play Lara Croft, bringing a new dynamic to the game and pushing the game character to new limits. Once again, Crystal Dynamics had the award-winning author Rhianna Pratchett as a key member of the writing team, helping craft a story that delves into Lara’s inner turmoil and motivations in this critical second act of her journey.
The game will officially be available at BT Games around January 29, but is also available for pre-order online at

Create-3D-objects-with-the-printing-pen3D Printing pen

The world of 3D printing has developed at a remarkably fast pace. We are starting to see it in so many industries and used for so many different purposes. From rapid prototyping to finished products, 3D printing has certainly become a force to be reckoned with. The great thing about 3D printing is that it is becoming cheaper and more commonplace. We found an interesting little gadget called the Electromann 3D Stereoscopic Printing Pen recently. What makes this pen so fascinating is that they replaced the ink with plastic that melts at high temperature and cools rapidly. This allows you to make 3D masterpieces similar to that of full scale 3D printer.
It is a great little device for artists, hobby enthusiasts and creative individuals. What’s especially great is that you don’t have to know programming or how to make 3D models on your computer to create something. All you need is a steady hand and a creative imagination. To be honest, the pen has a steep learning curve with things like flow rate and the behavior of molten plastic that need to be mastered before you can start creating. You can buy one of these now at, with free delivery, for around R1699.

Oculus Rift

The-Oculus-Rift-is-ready-to-make-VR-more-accessibleThere is no doubt that the Oculus Rift is going to be the next big thing in terms of technology this year. Perhaps we could even dub 2016 as “the year of the Oculus Rift”, but before we go that far, here are a few more details. The Oculus Rift went on Pre-Order on the night of January 6 and will officially launch on March 28. However, it will not be coming to South Africa anytime soon, as there are only 20 countries that are on the list to receive the first units.
The pre-order is available at a price of $599, which works out at around R9900, if you can’t wait to get your hands on one in South Africa before it is officially launched here. Don’t forget this is excluding shipping, import duties and tax. If you would like to place an order for one, check out