Gadget Buddies

Gadget Buddies

By Imran Khan

Samsung Family Smart Refrigerator

In the past we were a little skeptical of the concept of internet connected refrigerators. It seems a little too futuristic but at CES (Consumer Technology Show) in Las Vegas this year there were a variety of “connect refrigerators” to view. The one that stood out for us was Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator.
With a name like Family Hub, you would expect the appliance to do a lot more, and it does. Inside the refrigerator there is a set of cameras that monitor food quantities. They also monitor food storage life and expiration.
One of the biggest tricks up its sleeve has to be the 21.5 inch high definition screen on the door that allows you to buy groceries and pay for it in the comfort of your own kitchen. Off course we are bit concerned about the back end of this in South Africa, as retailers would have to have a strong online platform to link to via the refrigerator.
For aspiring chefs, the fridge allows you to search for recipes and guides you through the cooking process with voice instructions. And yes, once you find a recipe you like, you can order the necessary ingredients right there on the door.
The Family Hub can also serve as a control center for all of those connected household gadgets you have. It plays nice with Samsung’s Smart Gear items as well as devices from other companies. Samsung has not mentioned a price just yet or if it will come to South Africa, but it is a device that we would love to have.

Emergency-Charger-powered-by-one-AA-batteryEmergency Phone Charger

Ever run out of power on your smartphone at the wrong time? It can be quite an irritating situation especially if you need to use it urgently. By now many smartphone users have purchased “power banks”, or “solar chargers” and similar devices. These are all great but they depend on specific criteria to work, with the solar charger its fairly slow and dependant on sun and power banks need to be charged before you need to use them. What if we told you that there is way to charge your phone with just an AA battery? Well, we have found a device available that takes just one AA battery and dumps the power straight into your iPod, or smartphone. It is a real “emergency” piece of kit, but still convenient to use and promises up to two hours worth of backup power depending on the quality of the battery. This device is available at popular local retailer “Mantality” for just R150.