Where in the world!

Where in the world!

It feels rather strange for me to be writing about my own cook book, but I would like to share with you what a pleasure it was to write it.
Firstly, when I wrote about the countries and places I had visited, like Israel, Italy, France, Switzerland, Borneo Spain, Portugal, Greece, Libya, Brazil, Turkey, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Dubai, Belgium, Mozambique, Namibia, America, Morocco, Vietnam, China, Thailand, Malaysia,, Singapore and Hong Kong, to name but a few, it brought back so many memories for me; like at midnight on the Chinese New Year making and eating dumplings at the home of my tour operator in Beijing; in Malaysia, convincing our taxi driver that he should take us to his home for tea and meet his family.

Or eating lunch with workers at the wet market in Hong Kong, which was really special – everything was packed away and out came a giant water hose and washed away the smells and litter from the very early morning market. Then from nowhere appeared plastic tables and chairs and a feast like I have never seen before, with steaming bowls of ginger, garlic and five spice scented chicken broth with the tastiest dumplings I have ever tasted bouncing up and down, begging to be eaten; magnificent soft shell crab; egg Foo Yong to die for; a selection of stir fries; bowls of steaming sticky rice that clung to our chop sticks making, it easy to reach our mouths; deep fried squid heads crispy, tasty and ever so tender. That table was covered with food so tasty and fragrant, featuring all the colours and textures you could wish for.

Fooding Around With Jenny Morris

Fooding Around With Jenny Morris

Memories from my travels linger, like diving into whole suckling pigs with crackling so crisp it shattered into salty crispy fragments the minute you bit into it; to steaming bowls of Octopus, Clams, potatoes and Chorizo in Portugal – oh my happy mouth.
Greece brought back wonderful memories of sitting under an ancient fig tree swollen with sweet sticky ripe figs, sipping wine, tearing chunks of bread off a freshly baked loaf and dipping it into freshly pressed olive oil that tasted peppery and of freshly mown grass, not to mention slabs of deep fried salty halloumi cheese splashed with tart lemon juice…my mouth waters at the memory of it.

Dinner at the home of the Prime Minister of Kuwait’s son, who is a great fan of my cooking shows on Food Network, is another treasured memory. Oh boy, what a spread its was that was laid out in my honour…I felt as royal as he is. You can’t beat that kind of hospitality.
Or what about finding myself in the well preserved ruins of the Roman amphitheatre in Libya with my cell phone clutched to my ear? Let’s not forget about the little gypsy girl in Paris who begged me for money to buy food because she was hungry. My heart went out to the hungry child so I gave her my breakfast baguette which was filled with thick slices of ham and wedges of the ripest, creamiest brie to be found around Paris. The little witch flung it onto the ground and spat at me – she wanted cash.
I loved eating in the workers’ canteen at a bus station in Israel, which had the most delicious food ever. Writing this book gave me such pleasure, and hope you experience the same when reading and cooking from it.

This is what has been said about the book so far:

“Map Studio’s new release, ‘World Atlas of Food by Jenny Morris’, a compilation of over 100 countries and includes a world of flavours. We present to you, from every continent on the globe (excluding Antarctica) the essence of traditions, food styles and flavours comprising of elements that serve to make a country unique.”

“World Atlas of food is a journey of the senses, offering armchair travel into the kitchen of six continents.”

“The Giggling Gourmet, Jenny Morris, uniquely captures the aromas and flavours of each specific country through her recipes. You are invited to experience the real taste sensations. The most traditional local dishes and drinks are also listed, providing insight into ingredients, flavours, herbs and spices while giving you an intimate understanding of food and its significance in 100 nations.”

“You learn about specific national and traditional dishes, mealtime and social customs, how food styles have been influenced by other cultures and the symbolic role foods play in celebrations and festivals.”

“A brief summary is provided of the salient facts and figures pertaining to each nation, plus a short analysis of the way agriculture furnishes grains, vegetables and fruits to the people of the land.”

“The book is a travel journey taking you on a culinary experience in a world of sensations, and a must have for any food lover.”