Tumi Morake flexes her comedic muscles at the Lyric Theatre

Tumi Morake flexes her comedic muscles at the Lyric Theatre

TUMI MORAKE returns with her new one-woman tour de force, ‘Tumi or not Tumi’, showing at the Lyric Theatre, Gold Reef City, on Friday and Saturday, December 11 and 12 at 8.30pm.

PETER TROMP caught up with the funny woman.

Describe yourself in 140 characters.
I love people, I love life and I love laughing. I live for my family and my work, in that order. I am proud of my work ethic and dance well.

What inspired the concept behind ‘Tumi Or Not Tumi’?
Deciding to do this one man show felt like Hamlet’s inner conflict. I wanted to, but I was quite hesitant. My on-TV persona and my stage persona vary in terms of what I am allowed to say on TV and what I CAN say live, so the decision to do the show was a difficult one: Try and talk about something that will accommodate my new fans who don’t know the comedian, or stick to my guns?
The pin up idea came from the beginning of the feminist movement and women taking back power – which I do every time I get on stage and speak without fear.

For those folks who have never experienced Tumi Morake live, what can they expect?
They can expect a no holds barred show where they will laugh and think.
I love to challenge people’s comfort with the status quo and question all this bloody politeness we have around each other. But they must expect funny above all else.

When did your comedic “powers” first manifest themselves?
When I was studying at Wits (yes, the fees must #fall) I discovered the fine art of comic timing and writing.

Your biggest inspiration in life…
Is being everything my mother thought I was: powerful, with unlimited potential.

Your comedy heroes/heroines…
Richard Pryor, John Vlismas and Wanda Sykes.

The most nervous you’ve ever been on stage…
The first time I performed at ‘Blacks Only’.

“Last night a show changed my life.” Which show?

If you could be anyone else for 24 hours…
Jennifer Lopez

Drinks are on us. What are you having?
Double Hennessy on the rocks

Easiest way to your heart…
“Drink” me with your eyes.

Favourite place in the world…
My kids’ bedroom.

A work (movie; book; album; play/show) that you consider to be absolutely perfect…
Alvin Ailey American Dance Company’s entire show at Montecasino earlier this year.

You’ve been reincarnated as a pizza…which toppings can we expect?
Mozzarella, Jalapeños, beer infused grilled chicken, green pepper and secret sauce.

* Tickets are available at Computicket for R165.