Gadget Buddies

Gadget Buddies

By Imran Khan

‘Just Cause 3’

If you played ‘Just Cause’ 1 and 2, you will probably know just how outrageous this game can get. In a nutshell the game places gamers in destructible environments and then gives you creative instruments with which to destroy it all. So what’s new in number 3?
The plot revolves around the infamous Rico Rodriguez, who is placed in a country that is under dictatorship. Rodriguez finds himself in situations where he has to use wing suits, parachutes, grappling and various modes of transportation to complete his missions. We found that there is a steep learning curve when it comes to mastering moves and jumps, especially jumping from a helicopter and then gliding safely to the ground. With a bit of practice and plenty of restarts later, it’s all achievable.
Most of the tasks in the latest game are escort missions in which you would have to defend a plane, boat or protecting another character. Protecting characters is by far the most difficult task since the characters are not very intelligent and tend to wonder into danger or draw attention to themselves. Once again, this sets you back a bit with plenty of “reloading to the last checkpoint”.
Overall it is a really entertaining game and encourages experimentation, planning and foresight to complete missions.
‘Just Cause 3’ is now available from for R815 (PS4), R499 (PC) and R815 (Xbox One).

The Raspberry Pi

Raspberry-Pi-Zero---A-Computer-smaller-than-a-playing-cardComputers are everywhere, from our mobile phones to desktop PC’s and Smart TV’s. However, a large majority of the world has still not experienced computers, or been able to afford the opportunity of owning their own. This could become a thing of the past with the latest development from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Their aim was to create a computer that was cheap, efficient and user friendly for people new to programming. Talking about efficiency, the Pi Zero can safely operate on just 65 milliamps (mA). The ‘Raspberry Pi Zero’ as they have affectionately named it is a fully fledged computer that is smaller than a credit card. Available for just $5 (about R72), we were a little intrigued. What can they give you for just $5?
The ‘Raspberry Pi Zero’ packs a 1 Gigahertz processor, 512 megabytes of memory, micro SD card slot and HDMI output.
This little computer will be able to run Raspbian and other applications like Scratch and Minecraft.
These computers will be available at the ‘Pi Shop’ soon, a local supplier of Raspberry Pi products in South Africa (

Body Glove Sports Earphones

BGAU-BACTBKIf you are an active music lover then these are for you. The company ‘Body Glove’, well known for cell phone accessories, has now released a line of active sport earphones in partnership with ‘Gammatek’. These earphones are meant to stand up to the pressure of an active lifestyle while still delivering good sound quality. Body Glove designed these to have an onboard battery that would last up to 100 hours, offering about 5 hours of music playback. We were surprised to find that they made four different variations of the headphones, with subtle changes in each one. In our opinion one ultimate pair of earphones would have been just fine, but they have covered their bases by making a few versions.
Of the four versions available we found the Body Glove B-Active wireless earbuds to be the best option.
At just R449 from ‘Cameraland’ they are priced quite competitively and are quite durable.
(Available at