A musical duo loving the times they’re producing in

A musical duo loving the times they’re producing in

Musical duo Digby and the lullaby (pianist and vocalist Rouchelle Hubsch, and guitarist and vocalist Darren Peens) will be in Jozi this weekend for a quick, two stop visit, following sold out shows in Cape Town and Durban this year. The pair scooped a Standard Bank Ovation Award for their live show in The Chapel at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival and are ready to put on their best show for audiences in Johannesburg.
The group will be performing a Springs Secret Show at 7pm on Saturday, December 5 (this is a private venue in Springs, the address of which can be obtained by calling 072 352 4591); and at The Green House (CNR Witkoppen and Church) on Sunday, December 6, at 4pm (Tickets R80, or R100 at the door; call 072 352 4591 for bookings).

PETER TROMP caught up with HUBSCH.

When did you guys first start writing songs?
We were both young. I was about seven years old. My mom thought I was lying when I showed her my first song. Darren started a little later; he was probably about 18 or 19

What do you count among your most treasured highlights so far in your career?
Going to New York to record our first album. We also just got back from KZN where we did a fund raiser for abandoned babies. Getting married! Meeting amazing people.

What can audiences look forward to with your two gigs in Joburg this weekend?
Falling in love.

What’s special about performing in Jozi? How would you describe the scene?
People from Jozi are among the friendliest in the world. There’s just something very down to earth about them – they seem to be connected. We don’t really know the scene that well yet, but we hope to get to know it better.

How would you describe your sound, and how did you guys go about developing it?
Our sound is quite ambient at times. It’s simple, especially when we play live. Although it’s everything (sic), we also don’t like it to get in the way of our message. We developed our sound by playing live, it just evolved naturally.

What’s the musical chemistry like between you guys? Was it there from the start, it did it take nurturing?
The chemistry is really amazing and it was there from the first minute we played together.

Last night an album/performance changed my life…which album/performance?
It’s impossible to choose. ‘The Joshua Tree’ carried such a strong sense of place and time – very cinematic.

If you could choose a decade/musical time period to have been active in, which would it be?
Right now, or the 1970s. We love what’s happening with music today. It’s a very exciting time with so much change happening so fast. The 70s, well, need we say why? It must have been an amazing time to be around playing music.

Finally, what can we look forward to from you next?
We’re not making any rules. We’re recording stuff song for song and we’ll be putting out what we enjoy. It may be an acoustic guitar and two voices; it may be an electric guitar and a synthesizer. That’s the good thing about the times we’re living in. Engaging with people is immediate so we can see what people like pretty fast on social media. You can look forward to a few surprises. We’ve just recorded a new song and we’re busy mixing it.

* Visit www.digbyandthelullaby.com for more information.