Taylor-made comedy customized to tickle almost any audience

Taylor-made comedy customized to tickle almost any audience

Capetonian funnyman Stuart Taylor returns to Joburg with his ninth one-man show, ‘BeSpoke’. The popular comedian can be seen performing his brand new comedy show at Montecasino’s Studio Theatre from Friday, October 2, to November 1.

With ‘BeSpoke’, Taylor takes this conversational style to new heights. The performer promises a little less script and a lot more punch lines with his latest, with the intent of having you feeling like you’re in a comedy club rather than a theatre. Taylor aims to tailor a unique comedy experience for each audience. Much of the show’s content will be changing and will be created in the moment – hence the title.

From living with first world problems in a not-so-first-world country, to having to pretend that snotty nosed kids are adorable in front of their parents, this show is an honest account of fighting one’s way into middle class South Africa. Politics, loadshedding and the desperation of getting your kids speak in a ‘St Stithians’ accent all comes under scrutiny.

“This is a back to basics comedy show inspired by my comedy club roots,” says Taylor. “It is no-holds-barred, unapologetic stand-up comedy.”

Stuart has kept audiences laughing over the years with shows such as ‘Techni-Coloured’ (winner of Overall Best Comedy award at the National Arts Festival); ‘Money’s Too Tight to Mention’ and ‘Learner Husband’, with which he also launched a book. Internationally, Taylor has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the New Zealand International Comedy Festival, the Montreau Comedy festival in Switzerland & the Spoken Word Festival in Berlin as well as comedy clubs across the US.

TAYLOR shares some insight into the method behind his distinctive madness.

You’ve been in the comedy game a long time now. What’s the secret to your longevity?

Slow and steady wins the race. I really do understand that there is a long life ahead and I don’t need to be all things to all people right now. I just keep writing, following my own path and not really worrying about what my peers are doing.

Where do you draw the line in comedy?

I don’t. You can’t sensor yourself if you up there. You’ll change the dynamic from stand-up to a one-man play. People come to watch a specific comic because they want to hear their opinions and to sensor yourself would be to cheat your audience

Are there any particular comedians, both locally and internationally, that you look up to?

Loyiso Gola – he is the tallest. The others are more or less my height.

How would you describe your brand of comedy?

Honest and conversational storytelling, but always with a point.

Do you ever have people coming up to you saying, “Tell me a joke Stuart”? If indeed, how do you feel about those situations?

Thankfully that doesn’t happen too often. Generally only on days ending in ‘Y’. I first find out what they do for a living and ask them to return the favour. If a mechanic asks, then I tell him I will tell him a joke if he changes my oil. It only backfired once…damn proctologist.

* Tickets priced from R130 to R165 can be booked at Computicket.