The yuppie way of dealing with a cow in the flat

The yuppie way of dealing with a cow in the flat

Baxter 2015 artist-in-residence Alex McCarthy will be showcase his new work ‘The White Man’s Guide to Sacrifice’ from Wednesday, September 30, until October 10 at the Baxter Golden Arrow at 7pm.

The quirky and humorous story centres around two young men, Fork and Scholtz, who have just been accepted into the Lamborghini Club. This has been their dream for as long as they can remember. With the club’s connections, they will be fast-tracked up the corporate ladder and welcomed into the arms of luxury. In three days important club members are coming over for the party of a lifetime, and these two wannabees have no choice but to impress.

However, there is a problem. The two young, white South African men discover a living, breathing, defecating cow in their new and expensive apartment. But just how exactly did the cow get there? After all, this is something that only happens to taxi and bus people, not to Lambourgini people. The club dare not find out. As ancestors, business card-wielding entrepreneurs and powerful personal assistants become involved, the two friends are presented with a choice: sacrifice their place in the Lambourgini Club, or seal their position in the blood of an innocent animal.

Last year McCarthy graduated from UCT’s Drama Department receiving the Mavis Taylor award for theatre-making. He has directed ‘Him, Her and It’ (2013) and Peter Wilhelm’s ‘Pyro Protram’ (2014). Along with Callum Tilbury, he won the Best Writing award for ‘UHM’ (2014) at the National Arts Festival Student Festival, which was later performed at Artscape and at the Klein Karoo National Arts Festival (KKNK).

The cast is made up of Nathan Lynn (‘Raiders the Musical’, ‘The Open Couple’), Cameron Robertson (‘Cry Havoc’, ‘Pride and Prejudice’), Sive Gubangxa (‘Heart of Redness’, ‘UHM’) and Jazzara Jaslyn (‘Every Beautiful Thing’, ‘Mephisto’).

* Don’t miss the early bird special. Tickets booked before Monday, September 28, at Computicket, costs only R60.