Ex-teacher is out to make you laugh

Ex-teacher is out to make you laugh

Dalin Oliver ditched the chalk board and assemblies for a microphone and the stage. The ex-high school mathematics and history teacher can be seen in ‘I Came, I Taught, I Left’ from Monday to Saturday, September 21 to 26.

Directed by Stuart Taylor, this is a comedy about following the path less travelled and discovering that the real learning starts when school ends.

140 characters with Oliver

Describe yourself in the Twitter format.

Tall, dark & handsome. Why did you double check my photo? Mildly balding. Awkwardly good looking. I struggle to give straightforward answers.

What can audiences look forward to with ‘I Came, I Taught, I Left’?

“Prepare yourself for some home truths about South African culture, schools & teachers” – Review from CUE. Clean cut family comedy. Pull in.

At which point of your life did it become apparent to you that you could crack people up?

When my neighbour caught me playing “tok tokkie” (knocking on his door). I said it wasn’t me, it’s the guy behind you. He Looked. I ran.

Your biggest inspiration in life…

My parents. They are legends. They’re probably reading this. Brownie points for my next home cooked meal and clean washing.

The most nervous you’ve ever been on stage…

Nerves kick in before I’m on stage. So every gig. I’m a nervous wreck. Can’t hold proper conversations. Question why I put myself through this.

“Last night a show changed my life.” Which show?

Watching my first live club comedy show, before I started, at Obz Cafe in 2010; a Sunday evening. I wrote maths finals the next day. No regrets.

If you could be anyone else for 24 hours…

Hashim Amla. I’m an avid cricketer. Did you know: each strand of his beard represents a bowler’s career he’s ruined. Legend.

Drinks are on us. What are you having?

My mother told me not to talk to strangers. We haven’t met so I respectfully decline. Ok fine. Banana and peanut butter milkshake.

Easiest way to your heart…

Buy a ticket to my show. That’s such a blatant punt.  Seriously though, you need to come to my show.

Favourite place in the world…

The section in the Woolworths fridge where they store the caramel swiss role desserts.

Book(s) and/or movie(s) you can read/watch over and over again…

So many. For now, let’s go with the following…

Movies: ‘Step Brothers’; ‘Madagascar’

Books: ‘Michael McIntyre – Life and Laughing: My Story’; ‘The last Lecture’

You’ve been reincarnated as a pizza…which toppings should we expect?

Why on earth would I be reincarnated as a pizza? I would just get eaten and then die again. What do I return as? Bacon Avo and Fetta.

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