Bitter and sweet and delicious

Bitter and sweet and delicious

‘Bitter + Sweet’ tells the story of Mietha Klaaste, who grew up on the farm Langverwacht near Robertson, as retold by Niël Stemmet. The story starts with Mietha’s childhood. Her mother, Sarah, works for Oumies in their home and her father for Oubaas on the farm. Not too long after Johan, the eldest son of Oumies and Oubaas, gets married to his sweetheart Susan, and a baby boy called Daniel is born. Mietha is taken out of school to look after Daniel – and with that a long-lasting relationship is established.

The life which followed – with its sweet and its bitter – is recalled colourfully, interspersed with rhymes, songs, poetry and recipes from days gone by. This book gives us a glimpse of life in the past, but is filled with hope for the future. With its more than 90 recipes ranging from chicken pie, liver patties, biltong and vetkoek to milk tart and sago pudding, this is a book

Fooding Around With Jenny Morris

Fooding Around With Jenny Morris

which you will not only read and reread, but which will also inspire you and find its way into your kitchen.

Niël is a food writer, photo journalist, consultant and interior designer. He has been involved in the restaurant and hospitality industry for more than 25 years. Besides that, he is a great storyteller with a passion for heritage food – a topic he writes on for many magazines. Although the book is available in English as well as Afrikaans, I am sharing the recipe with you in Afrikaans. If you don’t understand it, take it to an Afrikaans speaking person and ask them to help you translate it. This is the month of our Heritage, so we should be sharing and learning from each other. The translation of this recipe could lead to a new friendship and the understanding of someone else’s culture and traditions.

Let’s cook!

Mamma Sarah se frikkadelle

Ingredients (bestandele):

  • 1 dik sny wit plaasbrood
  • ½ k kookmelk
  • 250g skaap
  • 250g vark
  • 1 ui, fyn gerasper
  • 2 gewone eiers
  • 1 e fyn pietersielie
  • 1 knypie fyn rasper neut, sout en wit peper
  • 2 e meelblom
  • 2 e vet of botter

Mamma-Sarah-se-frikkadelleMethod (metode):

Gooi die kookmelk oor die sny brood. Druk die melk uit die brood. Meng die brood saam met die vleis, ui, eiers en geurgoed. Laat rus vir ’n uur.

Vorm in frikkadelle.

Rol die frikkadelle liggies in koekmeel.

Pak in oondskottel, stip met botter of skaap – of beesvet. Gooi die kookwater bo-oor. Maak toe en bak vir ’n halfuur in die oond.

Sit voor met witrys en opgekookte pampoen wat jy geur met kaneel, wit suiker, sout en peper.

© Niël Stemmet : Published by Human & Rousseau