Theatre On The Bay – September

Theatre On The Bay – September

An evening with ‘War Horse’ Song Man Bob Fox

September 8 to 12

Based on the novel by Michael Morpurgo, ‘War Horse’ captured the hearts of South African theatregoers last year. The Pieter Toerien and National Theatre production, featuring the breathtaking talents of the Handspring Puppet Company, sold out in Cape Town and Johannesburg. The production told the extraordinary story of Albert and his beloved horse, Joey, who was requisitioned to fight for the British in World War I. Part of the unique theatrical experience was the music played live on stage by Bob Fox in his role as Song Man.

If you missed the unforgettable production, take heart – you have another chance to travel with Joey from pastoral fields to the front line and into no-man’s land, as Bob Fox narrates and sings through the timeless story of ‘War Horse’. Fox has created a brand new concert performance of all of the ‘War Horse’ folk songs, combined with some newly written songs from BBC Radio 2`s ‘The Ballads of the Great War’ and old favourites from his many previous recordings.

Already a virtuoso guitarist, Fox will also be showcasing his newly acquired melodeon playing skills.

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‘The Sound of Laughter’

The-Sound-of-Laughter-PosteSeptember 16 to October 3

Alan Committie in 140 characters…or slightly more

Describe yourself in using the Twitter format.

SA comic, actor, director. Delves international comedy waters. Loves cricket & films. But not cricket films. Well endowed but not where you think.

What was the response like to ‘The Sound of Laughter’ the first time around?

Hysteria… Screams…Tears…when they found out the Xmas season was sold out. We have a three week return season in September. Don’t miss it again.

Your biggest inspiration in life…

Justin Bieber. I wake up earlier each day to have more hours to work out how to avoid listening to him…

The most nervous you’ve ever been on stage…

Headlining “The Laugh Factory” (top American comedy club) on a Saturday night lineup in Los Angeles. Dane Cook was in the audience. I just tried to focus on facing the right way….

“Last night a show changed my life.” Which show?

Daneel van der Walt in ‘Danny and the Lion’ AND Graham Weir in ‘Dead Yellow Sands’ – the one hysterically magnificent; the other hauntingly perfect.

If you could be anyone else for 24 hours…

I’d be a South American trawler mechanic on his day off. I mean, it’s only for 24 hours so why not?

Drinks are on us. What are you having?

A washing machine and a towel. You need to be more careful. Clumsiness can be unattractive. I’ll clean you up. It’s a pleasure.

Easiest way to your heart…

Through the sternum via a fully qualified heart surgeon. With steady hands.

Favourite place in the world…

45 Freenson Road, Muurst, Hurnjak MH554, Kreykovic. If it’s still open. I’ve never been.

Book(s) and/or movie(s) you can read/watch over and over again…

The Peter Sellers ‘Pink Panther’ movies; ‘Start the Revolution Without Me’ (movie) and my grade 6 Latin textbook (“Ecce! Luper est in culina”).

You’ve been reincarnated as a pizza…which toppings should we expect?

I hate tomatoes so no pizza for me. I come back as a faccaccio. Who gives a faccaccio anyway? My toppings are love, enthusiasm, dedication and….ham! (Have you seen me act?)

* Book at the Theatre on 021 438 3300.

‘Epstein: The Man Who Made the Beatles’

Coming your way in October

Nicholas-Pauling-and-Sven-R‘Epstein: The Man Who Made The Beatles’ is a window into the private world of the music entrepreneur whose stellar career as Beatles Manager made him a household name, yet whose controversial personal life remained very much in the closet.

Brian Epstein died in 1967 of an accidental overdose at the age of 32.

This two-hander play imagines this brilliant, but troubled man’s drug-fuelled final days whilst looking back upon his illustrious adult life and meteoric career from his drama school days to managing the world’s biggest pop group. It’s a must see opportunity to discover a previously unexplored story and celebrate a true icon of 1960s popular culture – a man who shaped music and style across the world.

Celebrated actor Nicholas Pauling plays the Jewish and gay Epstein, while Sven Rygrok plays a pick-up and a freelance music journalist.

‘Epstein: The Man Who Made The Beatles’ is written by Andrew Sherlock and directed by Fred Abrahamse, with costumes and set by Marcel Meyer.

“The wisdom in balancing these two supremely skilled performers opposite one another, conjoined with the understated yet wisely constructed icons of the time, offer a sense of intrusion into Epstein’s life.”

“One of the best plays of the year, ‘Epstein’ leaves you with the impact of a man who was fallible but who turned the world on its head in opening doors for John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison. There are frissons of Beatles songs informing and fleshing out elements of the story, but this is no Beatles concert. It’s a bitterly fresh portrait of the back story of one of the world’s secret gods. And it’s the kind of play that enriches you, from the first until the last, and it doesn’t let go.”

– Robyn Sassen, in her review posted on My View: The Arts At Large (

* Performances will take place from Tuesday, October 6, to Saturday,
October 17, at 8pm nightly.

Book at the Theatre on 021 438 3300.