Baxter – September

Baxter – September

‘Sizwe Banzi Is Dead’

Until September 12

The South African theatre classic ‘Sizwe Banzi is Dead’ has received rave reviews and standing ovations at every performance at the Baxter Flipside, at the Market Theatre and in the US.

Forty years since John Kani and Winston Ntshona won the Best Actor Tony Award for their performances in the play, which they co-create d with Athol Fugard, and nearly a decade after the two theatre veterans reprised their roles at the Baxter in 2006, Kani has returned as director, with his son in the role which he made famous.

“A joyous hymn to human nature”– The New York Times

“Hypnotic…Powerful” – New York Post

“Kani and Shabangu give a riveting performance worthy of the material. This is a must-see production.” – On Stage

“…a timeless classic of theatre” – Argus Tonight

‘Woman Alone’

Lee-Ann-van-Rooi-in-Woman-Until September 19

Well-known stage and television actor Christo Davids directs the award-winning Lee-Ann van Rooi in the true story, ‘Woman Alone’, by Dannelene Noach, now on stage at the Baxter, following its success at the National Arts Festival earlier this year.

A true story, this is the tale of a feisty Christian woman, working in a foreign country and the dedicated, devout Muslim woman, directly responsible for her salvation. Dannelene’s story is poignant and powerful in today’s world – contrary to the romantic tales of the ‘Arabian Nights’, her life became an Arabian nightmare when, after multiple threats, she was abducted and spent 99 days incarcerated in a Saudi Arabian jail. At its heart, this is a story of friendship, the bond of fearsome feminine strength, and the quest for personal freedom.

‘I Came, I Taught, I Left’

Dalien-OliverSeptember 21 to 26

Dalin Oliver ditched the chalk board and assemblies for a microphone and the stage. The ex-high school mathematics and history teacher felt more comfortable wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt instead of chinos and an oversized blazer.

Directed by Stuart Taylor, this is must-see comedy about following the path less travelled and discovering that the real learning starts when school ends. Warning: Late comers will be spanked.

“This show will leave you appreciating not only his well thought out and energetic humour but also offer you an insight into the funny experiences teachers face daily” – Cue