Engaging for Change – Psychology Festival Of Learning

Engaging for Change – Psychology Festival Of Learning

Engaging for Change is the theme for the annual Psychology Festival of Learning, which will be hosted by SACAP (The South African College of Applied Psychology) at their Johannesburg campus on Tuesday and Wednesday, September 8 and 9; and at their Cape Town campus from Thursday to Saturday, September 10 to 12.
Inspired by the idea of bringing together professionals, students and the broader community in an environment to explore the many facets of psychology, counselling and coaching, the Festival aims to enable every participant to take one step further on their journey of understanding the nature and practice of psychology, counselling and coaching at an individual and community level.

The format for the 2015 festival has evolved to include a short talk programme, a coaching conference and a film festival, which will run alongside the talks. Engaging for Change focuses on change within ourselves, change in our communities and change in the corporate environment, brought about by people engaging with each other and working together to achieve change. “We want to share the many South African stories that reflect positive change through engagement, as well as providing people with the tools they need to bring about change in their lives, communities and workplace”, says Lance Katz, SACAP’s CEO.

With nearly 80 guest speakers, the Festival offers a wide range of talks and workshops. Talk topics for the Festival in Johannesburg include “Why learning is primarily emotional work” (Elana Godley); “Bullying in South African Schools – Endemic or epidemic” (Gail Dore); “Making better decisions during times of change” (Robert Farndell); “My journey towards becoming an addiction counsellor” (Kyra Pershouse) and many more.

The workshop programme (Johannesburg, September 9) offers a selection of ½ day workshops including “The art and science of resilience” (Wendy Ward); “Knowing ourselves as such” (Mindfulness workshop by Patrick Madden); and “How to coach leaders to avoid leadership derailment” (Robert Farndell) to name a few. The film festival that is part of the 2015 programme includes the South African documentaries ‘Normal’ and ‘Africa Shafted’, as well as the international documentaries ‘Free the Mind’ and ‘Happy the Movie’.
For the first time ever the Psychology Festival of Learning will host a short talk programme to kick off the Festival (evening of September 8 in Johannesburg). The evening will include eight short talks featuring topics such as “The enemies of success” (Thabiso Mailula); “Too many trains at the station” (Sandy Usswal from Autism SA); and “How to create a purpose driven life and career” (Ulrike Schottler).

Ticket prices are as follows:

Johannesburg Programme
Tuesday, September 8: Full-Day Programme – R250
Tuesday, September 8: Short Talk Programme (evening) – R250
Wednesday, September 9: Workshop Programme – R450 per ½ day workshop

Cape Town Programme
Thursday, September 10: Short Talk Programme (evening) – R250
Friday, September 11: Full-Day Programme – R250
Saturday, September 12: Workshop Programme – R450 per ½ day workshop

* Tickets as well as the programme with speakers details and topics are available at www.psychologyfestivaloflearning.co.za.