Tutankhamun exhibition enters the homestretch

Tutankhamun exhibition enters the homestretch

The highly successful Cape Town run of the internationally-acclaimed exhibition ‘Tutankhamun – His Tomb and His Treasures’ at GrandWest culminates on September 27.

Locals have less than a month to join the over five million people worldwide and 100000 South Africans who have been wowed by the show. Staged through a partnership between German producer SC Exhibitions, Great World Exhibitions and GrandWest, the exhibition is a spellbinding historical showcase that brings to life the story of Egypt’s ‘boy pharaoh’ Tutankhamun, with exquisitely replicated burial treasures and a spectacular reconstruction of his tomb.

PETER TROMP got the inside scoop from CHARLOTTE DAMGAARD from Great World Exhibitions:

What has the reaction been like so far from Capetonians?

From the rave reviews we’ve received on our Facebook page and via email, it’s safe to say that Capetonians are hugely impressed with the exhibition. They have described it as “Astounding”; “Awe-inspiring”; “A once-in-a-lifetime experience”. Even Capetonians who have had the privilege of visiting the actual tomb in Egypt have said that the exhibition gave them so much more. That’s because you get the whole (emphasis) story. You get to see what Howard Carter saw when he first peered into the tomb through a hole in the wall. You get to see perfect replicas of all King Tut’s magnificent treasures in one place. And you can get close enough to touch them.

What has proved to be the most popular part of the exhibition?

Everyone has their own favourite piece. Many love seeing the mummy lying in the inner coffin, which was made of 110 kilograms of pure gold. Others are particularly taken by the young pharaoh’s elaborately decorated golden throne, which was small enough to be used by the young boy that he was. The short film including original footage from the discovery of the tomb is also very popular.

Damgaard concludes by urging locals to book before the exhibition departs our shores for good. “When else are you ever going to get the chance to immerse yourself in one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of all time?”

* There is a special, up-to-50% discount on all weekday tickets, valid until September 4. Tickets are on sale at www.tut-exhibition.co.za.