Authentic Middle Easter cuisine awaits in Sunninghill this weekend

Authentic Middle Easter cuisine awaits in Sunninghill this weekend

Foodies are in for a treat when Wickedfood Earth’s Pop-Up Lunch takes place at Wickedfood Cooking School in Sunninghill on Sunday, August 23.

Among the many immigrants to South Africa, The Lebanese community became an important pillar to the national diversity, adding a delicious component to rainbow nation cuisine. Although many of the dishes may not be common place on the dinner table, most of us are aware of pita breads, hummous and kafta kebabs. Lamb and goat are the cornerstones of Middle Eastern cuisine. For this unique lunch, these ancient cooking techniques will be utilised to showcase the flavour of Wickedfood Earth farmed indigenous veld-raised Pedi sheep, descendants of the fat-tailed Persian sheep.

The banquet will be a true Middle Eastern feast and will include an insightful talk about ethically raised indigenous veld-raised Pedi sheep.

All recipes used are family handed down, authentic fare.

The menu will consist of the following items:

• Starter – A wide selection of mezza, all grown on Wickedfood Earth Farm, including the chickpeas, sesame seeds for the tahini, and eggplant. The highlight will be Lebanon’s national dish, kibbe, a raw, spiced lamb similar to tartare;

• First course – Shish barak, lamb filled pasta in a warm yoghurt sauce, a favourite at Lebanese banquets;

• Main course – Roast lamb platter, with different cuts of lamb and roast winter vegetables;

• Dessert – Baklava.

* The festivities will commence at 12pm, noon.

Cost is R295 per person.

To make a reservation, call 076 236 2345; or send an email to

Visit for more information.

Address: 4th floor, The Square Shopping Centre, Sunninghill, corner of Rivonia and Naivasha Roads (from the highway take the Rivonia off-ramp and turn towards Sunninghill).