Travelling & Living with the stars

Travelling & Living with the stars

In this regular column, we chat to some of SA’s premier personalities about their travel experiences and favourite local pastimes and haunts.

This week we feature Cape Town comedian MARC LOTTERING, who is part of the all-star bill for Mass Hysteria 2015 – ‘The Long Bunfight to Freedom’, showing at The Teatro at Montecasino from Wednesday to Sunday, August 19 to 23.

What is your favourite travel destination, and why?

I quite like Zanzibar. If you find the right resort, your experience could easily match those lovely pictures on the brochure.

What was your first international trip, and what do you remember most vividly about the experience?

My first international trip was to London, many years ago. I remember tipping waiters very generously, because I thought that ten pounds was ten rand.

What is the first thing you usually do when you arrive at your destination and you’re trying to get acclimated?

I buy the newspapers, find the nearest pub and befriend the barman.

What for you is usually the best way to soak up the culture you’re in?

I’m big on coffee shops and people-watching, as opposed to immediately going for the major touristy stuff. If I have the time, I prefer to gently ease my way into a brand new city. I’m really not keen on working from a rushed, “things-to-do” list.

Flying – love it, or hate it?

Well lately the world seems to be acting a little bit silly on the ground and in the air, so I’m not that excited when I have to go to the airport. But I’m an easy traveller; as long as it’s a window seat. And I’m not sitting next to someone who’s starved of conversation, and who loves taking “selfies”.

What has been your favourite cuisine that you have discovered on your travels?

I love exciting food so I was like a kid in a candy store when I visited India. The most amazing food – you should just be cautious as to where you’re eating, or the memory could live with you for a lot longer than you’d want it to.

You’ve got exactly R48 in your wallet. Where do you go for lunch in Cape Town, and what do you have?

Good Lord! Well, first I’d try to make a loan. Failing that, I’d probably end up at one of those drive-thru’s.

What is your speciality in the kitchen?

Stuff involving chicken. Could be a pasta or a roast. I’m seldom disappointed on that front.

Describe your ideal night in, and out.

Ideal night in: a great pasta dish, red wine and watching re-runs of ‘Dallas’.

Ideal night out: dinner with good friends at a great restaurant, where one of the friends has one shooter too many and insists on paying for everyone.

What makes life worth living?

Thuli Madonsela.

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