Western and Middle Eastern tensions explored at Rosebank Theatre

Western and Middle Eastern tensions explored at Rosebank Theatre

Taking the title of his play from Mark Anthony’s famous oration over the dead body of Julius Caesar in Shakespeare’s play, “Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war”, American playwright, Tom Coash has written a play of extraordinary power.

Set in present day Cairo, Egypt, ‘Cry Havoc’ explores the troubled relationship between the western world and the Islamic Middle East. Cultural imperialism, religious fundamentalism, political repression and personal sexuality are unfolded in this tender and shocking play about the dissolution of the loving relationship between British expatriate writer, Nicholas Field, and his young Egyptian lover, Mohammed Al-Masri. Coash writes with an exquisite sense of irony, which provides real wit and comedy in the play as he brings the lovers to confront their convictions and obsessions and also a repressive government and their own identities.

Starring Cameron Robertson as Mohammed, David Viviers as Nicholas and with Anthea Thompson as a British embassy official, Ms Nevers, this production for the Rosebank Theatre is directed by Roy Sargeant.

* The play runs until September 5. Performances take place from Wednesdays to Saturdays at 7pm. There will also be a matinee on Saturday, August 22 at 3pm.

Tickets priced at R120 and R60 for students and pensioners can be booked at www.webtickets.co.za.