Theatre-makers let their imaginations soar at Alexander Bar

Theatre-makers let their imaginations soar at Alexander Bar

Three writers, two actors, and one director have come together to create an anthology of three short plays around a provocative theme at the Alexander Bar’s Upstairs Theatre on Strand Street.

Alexander Upstairs has served as a recurring platform for new writing and ‘Anthology’ is yet another showcase of new voices, who get to play with style and material conventions. The first installment earlier this year explored the theme “A Change in the Weather”. This time around the writers have been challenged to come up with stories inspired by the term “Anti-Matter”. Each play is around 15 minutes in length, making for a evening of surprises and punchy story-telling.

The words of local theatre-makers par excellence Louis Viljoen, Joanna Evans (pictured) and Jon Keevy will be acted out by Fleur du Cap award winning actors, Andrew Laubscher and Brendon Daniels.

* Performances will take place nightly at 7pm until Saturday, August 15.

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