Theatre On The Bay – August

Theatre On The Bay – August

‘The Vortex’

Until Saturday, August 8

‘The Vortex’ is Marc Goldberg’s dance adaptation of Noel Coward’s hugely controversial play ‘The Vortex’ and features Cape Town City Ballet in a non-traditional piece.

Q&A with producer Pieter Toerien

What excited you most about the concept behind ‘Vortex’ when you were approached?
Actually it was at a meeting with Elizabeth Triegaardt and Marc Goldberg throwing ideas around that this came about. A play without words popped into my mind so the three of us had a great time considering different ones and ‘The Vortex’ fitted the bill perfectly.

What are you most proud about the finished product?
The choreography by Marc and the fact that Cape Town City Ballet dancers get a chance to show how good they are doing a contemporary piece. Dancers work so hard and get so little recognition. I think it’s been fun for them to do something different.


Marion-Holm-1---Foto-Robert‘Marion Holm Vir Beginners’

August 12 to August 22

Marion Holm in 140 characters (or slightly more)

Describe yourself in 140 characters.
An intovert observer who loves peace and harmony.

‘Marion Holm Vir Beginners’ rocks why?
People identify with the stories I tell, because all the stories are about daily life and stuff that really happened to me.

Your biggest inspiration in life..
I believe we are all born with a purpose. Once you know your purpose, that in itself inspires you.

The most nervous you’ve ever been on stage…
My very first time on stage as a first year drama student in a production of ‘In Camera’. I was so nervous I could not remember my lines and the director whispered the line from the wings. But the anxiety made me hard of hearing (it seemed), because I heard nothing. The prompting became louder and louder until she screamed the line and the audience could hear it too.

“Last night a show changed my life.” Which show?
‘Kaspar’ as performed by Paul Slabolepszy many years ago. I walked out thinking, “if this is theatre, I want to be part of it”.

If you could be anyone else for 24 hours…
Zuma; maybe then I will understand why and how!

Drinks are on us. What are you having?
Meerlust Rubicon 2010.
Easiest way to your heart…

Favourite place in the world…
My bed!

Book(s) and/or movie(s) you can read/watch over and over again…
Film: ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’
TV series: ‘Monk’
Book: ‘Pippie Langkous’

You’ve been reincarnated as a pizza…which toppings should we expect?
Cheese (I can be very sentimental and cheesy, but in my own way, so it will be goatsmilk cheese), salmon (salmon is a fat fish, need I say more?) and avo (I can sometimes be quite fresh).


Jonathan-Roxmouth‘Stage By Stage II’

August 25 – September 5

Following a brief – and completely sold out – engagement of ‘Stage By Stage’ earlier this year, musical theatre star Jonathan Roxmouth is back for a limited, two week run of ‘Stage By Stage II’.
Everyone has a favourite song from a musical. Now imagine an evening full of those songs. Taking the musical highlights from the original show, Roxmouth has added new songs and stories to keep fans of the original production happy, as well as audience members seeing it for the first time.
Armed with nothing but a spotlight and an accompanist, Roxmouth will take you on a journey through all of these iconic songs. In addition to favourite numbers from ‘The Phantom Of The Opera’, ‘Les Misérables’ and ‘Carousel’, there will be new additions from ‘West Side Story’, ‘Love Never Dies’ and ‘Sweeney Todd’.
Who knows what could happen…?

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