Drama exploring underworld of sex workers comes to end

Drama exploring underworld of sex workers comes to end

This is the final week to catch the thought provoking drama ‘John’ at the Artscape Arena. The production ends on Saturday, May 30.

John’s (Andre Lombard) life is dictated by numbers, until he falls in love and has his first sexual experience. It haunts him and as he grows older he yearns for intimacy. However, his obsession with numbers prevents him from forming meaningful relationships. He delves into the underworld of sex workers in search of a replacement for his first love.

In essence, this story explores the sex worker industry – it’s not a pretty story and can often make you feel very uncomfortable. “It’s all too easy to forget that behind every sex worker is a story, and a motivation for what they do,” says Lombard, who is also the playwright. “When asked in preschool what she would like to be when grown up, no little girl will ever say she hopes to be a sex worker one day.”

“Sex workers are all too often judged on assumptions and stereotyped. We applaud the attempt to reflect the reality and complexity of sex worker’s lives in this play,” says Ishtar Lakhani of Sweat (the Sex Worker Education and Advocacy Taskforce).

Seen through the eyes of John, viewers are granted access into the controversial world of the sex workers that live on the periphery of our society.

Le Cordeur, through Vulture Productions, has made a name for himself for breaking away from the status quo and integrating different mediums, genres and multi-media art forms into his productions. ‘Tannie Dora Goes Bos’, seen last year at Arstcape, received praise for its quirky, high octane take on a murder mystery. ‘John’ continues this trend, exploring ways to inspire audiences and offering an edgy thought provoking theatre piece.

The production co-stars Melissa Haiden in various roles, including as John’s original love interest.

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