Ice skating workshops for beginners launches

Ice skating workshops for beginners launches

People of all ages can now enrol in a fun, six week ice skating workshop designed to teach basic safety skills to beginner ice skaters at Cape Town’s ice rink, the Ice Station at GrandWest in GoodWood.

The launch of the ‘Back to Basics’ ice skating academy will give everyone the chance to learn how to ice skate in a safe and friendly environment, while under the watchful eye of a professional coach and safety officer.

If you’ve never ice skated before, it can be daunting stepping onto the ice for the first time while other more experienced skaters whizz by, or inexperienced skaters hold onto you every time they fall bringing you down alongside them.

That is where the ‘Back to Basics’ ice skating academy comes in. You’ll learn what to do if you fall down, the best way to fall so you won’t get hurt, how to stand up again on the ice, how to skate forward, backwards, stop and glide on one foot.

Workshop date and time: every Friday, starting May 22, at 6pm, for the six weeks

Cost: R495 per person and includes

• Rental skates

• 6 x 1 hour lessons

• 10% discount voucher on first skate purchase

• Free Sharpen if own skates provided

• Professional coach

• Entrance to remaining time on session after lesson to practice

• Badge and certificate upon completion of course

• Family discounted package of 4 available at R1750 (total cost)

* To book, send an email to

For more information, visit, or call 021 535 2260.