Gadget Buddies

Gadget Buddies

By Imran Khan

Batman: Arkham Knight

This is the finale to the Arkham series of Batman games. In the latest game, Batman faces the ultimate threat to Gotham City. The scarecrow returns to unite with the other fearsome villains in the Batman series which include The Penguin, Two-Face and Harley Quinn. Their aim is to destroy Batman for good, combining all of their powers in the effort.

The latest game brings in the Batmobile, which is finally drivable and useable throughout the game. The addition of this legendary vehicle combined with the acclaimed gameplay of the Batman Arkham series will offers gamers the ultimate gaming experience. Tear through the streets, or soar between buildings and save Gotham. The game is set to launch on June 23.

Retro Gaming Console

PSP-Go-1This week we look at an interesting little device that was released way before its time in South Africa and didn’t last too long. We picked up a PSP Go console at our local second hand store and discovered a bit of magic. The PSP Go was meant to replace the Sony PSP 3000 series,but it fell short achieving that goal in South Africa. For starters the device did not have an optical drive, so no more UMD disc games. Instead it relied solely on connecting online to the Playstation Network to download your games directly to the device. The PSP Go came with 16 gigabytes of onboard storage and required an M2 Memory card, another one of Sony’s exclusive devices, to add storage.

It came out in SA when high speed internet was expensive and the Playstation Network was in its worst shape of all time. So it did not last too long till the next model took over and to this date, gamers would much rather buy a PSP 3000 model instead of the PSP Go. We loaded some games onto it and found it quite exciting. It is also incredibly portable and folds to the size of a regular cellphone.

Virtual Screens

40070294_2Way back in the 1980s the invention of virtual reality games with simple graphics and chunky head gear was invented. We remember playing some of those games in arcades and it was definitely quite an experience. The problem these systems faced was that the head gear with the virtual screen was heavy and the screen itself could only be used for low quality graphics.

However, technology has come a long way since then and virtual screens have become much better. We tested the video glasses from These glasses are as small as a pair of reading glasses with a slightly thicker front and have built in earphones. The unit offers the viewer a full 84 inch size simulated virtual display to watch videos. It also creates the effect that the screen is a mere two metres away. So you probably are wondering how? Any video iPod, iPad or video playing device or gaming device can be plugged to the glasses. The device then optimizes the picture quality for viewing.

The Occulus is yet to come to market, but in the meanwhile there are a variety of virtual reality devices to try out.