Complexity of sisterly love explored on the stage

Complexity of sisterly love explored on the stage

‘Every Beautiful Thing’, a new play by Jon Keevy and directed by Tara Notcutt, is being showcased at the Alexander Upstairs Theatre until the end of the week. (Performances take place at 7pm nightly until Saturday, May 23.) Reuniting with Keevy on the production is Briony Horwitz, who starred in the writer’s celebrated one woman show ‘A Girl Called Owl’. Co-starring with Horwitz in this story of complex sisterly love is newcomer Jazzara Jaslyn.

Susan (Horwitz) is adopted. Katelyn (Jaslyn) is her younger sister – the miracle baby. Susan is a lawyer, wife and mother. Katelyn just rolled her car down a mountain. In the hospital, pain meds and memory twinkle under fluorescent lights, circling ever closer to the truth.

Horwitz always felt that ‘A Girl Called Owl’ was eerily connected to her own life; as if Keevy had written a play about her life story (she wasn’t yet cast when he wrote it). She found herself thinking, “how does he know?”

Given the success of the partnership and the actress’s thirst to work on something challenging and beautiful again, she commissioned Keevy to write a new play loosely inspired by events in her family. Once again, he wrote all kinds of things she hadn’t actually told him that came close to the mark. This time she asked for a two-hander so that she wouldn’t be so lonely on stage.

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