Liewe Heksie lives on in 53rd year at the Bellville Civic

Liewe Heksie lives on in 53rd year at the Bellville Civic

“Fun”. hat’s the one word the producers insist describes the pantomime, ‘Liewe Heksie: Flower Power’, set to enchant all ages at the Bellville Civic Centre from May 19 to 31, every night at 7pm. (There will also be Saturday and Sunday matinees at 2pm and 3pm, respectively.)

The ancient Romans contributed in a major way to the modern world: cement, roads, clay brick ovens, central heating, newspapers, calendars, false teeth, cesareans, books, etc. Luckily the Romans weren’t just highly cultivated, they were also known for their wild parties. And one of their most joyful contributions is the Pantomime. This one was written by Francois Toerien and Margit Meyer-Rödenbeck of ‘Dowwe Dolla’ fame, with direction by legendary comedienne Lizz Meiring.

A couple of reasons cited by the creators why one shouldn’t miss out:

• Liewe Heksie is an iconic part of South African culture. Scores of South Africans grew up with Verna Vels’s loveable character, and this year the witch with the heart of gold is celebrating her 53rd birthday.

• Fun: After day five of rehearsals, well known opera singer, Zanne Stapelberg, declared this production to be one of her best jobs she’s ever had. “You are exhausted by eight at night, but it feels like one long play date,” she says.

• Colour, sound, speed, energy. “Pantomime is farce on acid,” says director Meiring.

• It’s a circus in your head – anything is possible. Although choreographer, Loukmaan Adams, often had to wonder if everything is indeed possible. “How am I going to teach these white folks rhythm?” he was heard constantly muttering throughout rehearsals.

• Some of SA’s top performers are taking part in this joyous production. Just a few of the names: Margit Meyer-Rödenbeck, Chris van Niekerk, Crystal Donna Roberts and Emile Minnie.

* Tickets for adults are R100 and R75 for kids under 16.

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