Deep chocolate tones and winter fruit flavours hail the onset of autumn at The Table Bay’s High Tea

Deep chocolate tones and winter fruit flavours hail the onset of autumn at The Table Bay’s High Tea

Soul-warming cakes, textured desserts, and satisfying home-baked savouries hail the start of autumn at the Table Bay. Available throughout winter, the new High Tea menu is a celebration of textures and seasonal flavours that inspire feelings of warmth and contentment against the backdrop of wintery afternoons.

Languishing in the comfort of The Table Bay’s lofty, open-truss lounge, guests can survey the bustle of the working harbour through high arch windows while soothing themselves with indulgent treats. With its maritime theme, the lounge is filled with trinkets from the spice route and deep, inviting sofas and comfortable chairs covered in fanciful paisleys, stripes and floral fabrics.

To complement the season, The Table Bay’s Pastry Chef, Bobby Kumar has included on the menu a rich Chocolate Beet Cake, a moist, dark chocolate flavoured cake made with beetroot puree. There is also lavish Black Forest Torte filled with chocolate mousse, cherries, whipped cream and chocolate shavings, Flourless Seasonal Naartjie Cake, and Chocolate and Orange Crémeux – a heavenly chocolate and orange mousse in a dark chocolate shell.

Reminiscent of chilly afternoons spent at the fireside, there are classics like Blancmange with roasted plums, and fresh home-baked Cinnamon and Raisin Scones. Adding colour and vigour to the deep chocolate tones and winter-fruit hues is The Table Bay’s signature Rainbow Baked Cheese Cake, and the tantalizing Raspberry and Lemon Butter Icing Cake.

The seemingly endless selection of desserts includes Chocolate-peppermint Crisp Pyramids (vanilla sponge choc ganache, choc peppermint); Banofee Pie (banana and toffee filling in a pie shell with cream and Brule banana); White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheese Cake (white cheese cake with rasberry jelly); Tiramisu; Mini Genoise Cake (light sponge cake with ricotta cheese topping and candied peel), and Gulab jamun (milk solids-based desserts covered in coconut).

As always there is a choice of gluten free cakes and desserts including Jelly and Milk Custard Trifle (layers of fruit jelly and milk tart filling); Rich Chocolate Tartlets (almond shortbread, choc ganache); an assortment of fudges, macaroons, coconut ices, and truffles; the Chocolate and Orange Crémeux, and the Blancmange (baked cream with roasted plums).

For those seeking savoury flavours, there is a choice of quiches like the Mushroom and leek quiche (gluten free), and Cape Malay Chicken Quiche, as well as sandwiches with a selection of luxury fillings.

* The Table Bay’s High Tea is available between 2.30pm and 5.30pm from Monday to Sunday.

For more information, visit; or call the Table Bay Hotel on 021 406 5000.